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  1. Antraz

    M.2 NGFF eGPU Possible?

    And what about the Lenovo Thinkpads W540, T540p, L540, ...? They also have a M.2 slot. Is it connected to SATA or PCIe Interface?
  2. I don't know if the adapter can be powered via the single 20/24pin ATX cable. I think you need to connect the 12V ATX cabels (4pin or 8 pin or DC-Jack) to power the adapter. I even power the adapter only with the 4 Pin ATX cable and disconnected the 24pin cable, because I have problems with the auto power off function, when disconnecting the EC-cable. So I shortet pins 13 & 14 (PS_ON & GND) on the 24pin connector of the PSU and the adapter & GPU is powered all the time. This is the only way to get a stable connection to my eGPU and it works good! I had the same problem with my faulty EXP GDC adapter. Maybe the Lenovo Notebook doesn't like the auto power on/off function? My results with Lenovo T540p (i7-4700MQ) + AMD R9 280X: 3dmark 06: 26210 3dmark Vantage: 28241 3dmark 11: 8604, gpu: 9437 3dmark 13.FS: 6373, gpu: 7199
  3. Antraz

    BPlus PE4C V3/V2 discussion

    I connect the 4pin CPU cable & the 24pin ATX cable to the adapter. The GPU is connected directly from the ATX PSU with the 6/8pin PCIe cables. I think this is correct the way to connect the adapter & GPU with an ATX PSU. I did it like this and it's working for me.
  4. Antraz

    EXP GDC Beast/Ares-V7/V6 discussion

    Hi @ all, after reading a lot as a guest, I decided to register to this forum and explain my experience. @Petrroll: I also bought an EXP GDC V6.0 and nothing worked for me! I also own a Lenovo Thinkpad T540p and had Problems with the detection of my eGPU. My first adapter didn't work at all, so I talked to herocloud and got a second EXP GDC (this time V7.0)! At first I had again problems and no eGPU was found! I tried both EC-cables and also pushed the cable and connector into different directions. Nothing happened! I also tried different power supplies (220W Dell and 500W ATX PSU). Same problem! I was wondering about the automatic power switch off after disconnecting the cable. So I shortet the Pins 13 & 14 (PS_ON signal) of the 24pin ATX connector and the eGPU was powered all the time with the ATX PSU! Now my eGPU (AMD R9 280X) was found, but in Windows I had again problems with the connection. I could install the driver but the connection got lost ==> blue screen. I didn't receive any stable connection to my eGPU. I also thougth like you maybe my EC-slot is defect. I also tried an old nvidia 9800 GT with the same bad connection. I think the adapters or cables are defect and cannot hold the connection alive. I was really sad. After talking again to herocloud, he refunded the money for the adapter. This time I bought the PE4C V2.1 and everything is working fine! I've got a stable x1.2 connection! But again I have problems with the automatic powering of the adapter! With the auto power function activated, I didn't get a connection to my eGPU! After shorting again the 2 pins of the 24pin ATX connector the eGPU was found and everthing worked fine! Maybe this is a problem of the Lenovo T/Lx40 series? Could you please check this for you? I hope this will help you.

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