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  1. okay so i've done everything and i check my bios is it suppose to still be 2.7? - - - Updated - - - nevermind i was reading wrong numbers it is the correct version. I am connecting my new killer wireless wlan card to see if it works!
  2. okay i got everything ready on the flashdrive i found out how to modify the bios file. I'm having trouble downgrading to 207 it gives me bios version compare error! - - - Updated - - - okay got everything done. I'm downgrading to 2.07 as i post this comment.
  3. okay i enabled admin account and used it to do this and it worked - - - Updated - - - i got a .bin filie called bios. is this what i drag onto biosfixer?
  4. When I run the .bat fie as admin it opens very quickly then dissapears. It doesn't allow me to read anything because it closes too quickly
  5. never mind I do. But how to I run the backup thing via cmd? I'm stuck on that part. - - - Updated - - - I dragged the bat file to admin command prompt and it is not recognized
  6. I'm thinking of selling my lenovo y510p because it has a whitelist that doesn't allow me to replace the internal wifi card. Does the Alienware m15x have a whitelist? and is a fully packaged m15x better than my current laptop? My friend had a m14x and he said it was very poorly made and started to fall apart after a year. Is the quality of the m15x better in anyway ?
  7. I have a 980 gtx I don't really think overclocking is necessary.
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