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  1. I see. OK. Thanks anyway.
  2. Thanks. I see. That hearts..... Any suggestion on how to OC 2920XM?
  3. MS-GT780/783(17''): .30H MSI GT783 Unlocked.zip MS-1761(17''): 3.06 MSI MS-1761 Unlocked.zip The above two BIOS should be the same right? Also, I have GT780DX. After I flash the ".30H MSI GT783 Unlocked.zip", I still cannot change turbo core ratio. I change TDP limit as well as different core ratio under BIOS save and restart. It will boot into windows without problem, but I see no change for any turbo ratio. PS: I have i7-2920XM, so it should be able to let me increase the clock ratio. Anyone have some thought or advise? I have also tried ThrottleStop with the same core ration setting, no success as well, and I found out that ThrottleStop won't allow me to change the Power limit in its option.
  4. NV 1. NV is most famous for drive with no problem. 2. CUDA, PHYSX, and more (even though not much use on gaming) 3. Most game engine optimized for NV. 4. Not quite sure about this one, but I never have a problem with NV card. However, I think most of the time NV runs a bit hotter than ATI/AMD 5. Again, only use NV, so not sure how they compare to each other.
  5. I hate when they design something that require you to remove the battery in order to get to the other component...
  6. Wow, looks like a lot GT640M can have a BOIS mod, how interesting.
  7. 680M is great. My next target will be getting a 680M on my GT780DX. Just got a fully working i7-2920XM on ebay for $425 USD Hope I can get a 680M for about the same price
  8. Sorry, is this the one that they said is using water cooler? All their model number are alike and I cannot tell which is which.....
  9. Great, finally find a working dl link. Hope this works.
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