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  1. Just an update incase anyone finds this post and wonders what was up; I made a pretty basic mistake - turns out when I took the cooler off the machine I should have also disassembled the fan "boxes". The inside of the fins were completely blocked with dust, preventing any airflow through them. Cleaned them out and reassembled, back to 66c under load so happy days. I missed this before, because you can only access the fan boxes when the entire cooler is off the laptop, and requires you to un-pick some fairly thick tape to lift the 'lids'. The design is definitely not made to be easily serviced!
  2. Hi all, I've forever had issues with this laptop and it's heat. The preformance is fine, but as soon as I start gaming it shoots up to 85c. I've taken it apart twice now, removed dust and re-pasted the GPU/CPU and it just doesn't seem to make a difference. Looking at some posts on here, using the paperclip method to increase contact patch/pressure looks good but from everything I can see the contact is good and the pipes get hot - but the heatsinks seem pretty small and maybe can't dissipate the wattage? Kinda leaves me with the only option to flash a new BIOS to it and unlock the TDP options to undervolt/clock and cool it down. Of course, I can't download the BAKED bios' because I don't have enough posts, not sure exactly what I'm meant to contribute to the forums if I have to make 5 "quality posts" when I just have a stock laptop any help or pointers?
  3. Interesting, but no cine4k option? (4096x2160)
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