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  1. Hello, I own a Lenovo X130e with an Intel Celeron 857 CPU and Intel HD Graphics. Is it possible to overclock these by modding my BIOS? If so, would anyone be willing to assist me to mod by BIOS? Thanks.
  2. I did, I also don't own this GPU (Got a GTX 660 GK106 3GB) but I think KBT doesn't support the BIOS due to it being DDR3. If it had GDDR5 then it might have worked though.
  3. Kepler BIOS Tweaker doesn't seem to open it. It just says 'unhandled exception'
  4. Here's the link: [MOVED] Hacking NVidia Cards into their Professional Counterparts - Page 1
  5. The maximum nvapi allows is 1.212V. What is your current voltage maxed out?
  6. This looks like artifacts occurring on your monitor due to unstable clock speeds.
  7. It depends on your ASIC quality and your PSU. A crappy PSU can have a potential to limit OC.
  8. Hello, nView is only supported on Windows XP. It is not supported on Windows Vista and above due to the limitation of WDDM.
  9. Hello, I just came here to do some reading and help someone to do a BIOS mod but I can't download the file due to not having five posts.
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