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  1. So from what I've seen around the internet this laptop's supposed to have a 16gb SSD cache along with the 1TB HDD. Mine doesn't have one and it kinda bummed me when I bought the laptop. Maybe it's how units here in the Philippines are (that sucks). Anyway I got myself a 256GB Toshiba mSATA and it's just glorious. I posted this to ask if there are actually models of the y500 with no SSD cache. The more you know, right? Thanks! *I'm currently looking into flashing my BIOS with the sticky posted in this forum because I wanna switch out the crappy network card to an Intel 7260 AC. Also since I just got a better router that makes use of AC. Tips would be appreciated **Oh, I'm planning to OC too once the flash is done. Wooo!
  2. jainamites

    Y500 WiFi Card

    Would switching to an ac wireless adapter increase effective range? I just installed a TP-Link 1750 dual band AC router so I wanna be able to use it's potential. Thanks!
  3. Sorry for asking this but how are the antennae for the wifi adapter attached? Do I have to replace them upon changing the wifi adapter?
  4. Hi, I'm new here and I signed up because I was planning to switch out my stock wireless adapter to the 7260. I see your signature (or is that what it's called?) contains the Intel AC 7260 but through this thread, no post confirmed that you succeeded with the installation. How did you go through with it?
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