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  1. yes and in my case i am doing a low power desktop with a AMD APU10-7800, so while it is an ok onboard graphics and i can accept a x16 pcie card on my mini ITX board, my lower power requirements require me to use an egpu if i want to play games so im not hogging wattages just browsing the web. I think few people have my use case as most would use an egpu for a laptop. I have the pe4c with the pcie x16 desktop card adapter and not the expresscard or minipcie card adapter.
  2. Well, from the websites ive read with people doing a setup like this show that cards do perform very well, of course not at their max but 1x makes relatively little difference in real world tests vs x16 which is why i decided to take the gpu out of my comp. I dont want this thing sucking wattages when all im doing is web browsing.
  3. what exactly happens to cards listed as not suitable on their site? PE4C V2.1 (PCIe x16 Adapter) thinking about a 7850 since my 6970 is a power hog but "Graphics level is to high, cause bandwith factor, not suitable" <--- what the heck does that mean? 6970 and 7850 have the same "level" rating of 30 on their site. And on another note I assume if i run my 6970 with the dell 220w ill cause a fire?
  4. Finally got a pe4c! now how the heck does the dell 220 ac adapter work? The dell adapter has 8 pins whereas the black connector on the board has a 12 pin. The dell can go in the leftmost holes but obviously leave the rest of the 4pins on the board unconnected. Is this how it should be? Am i making any sense? I assume the white clear connectors on the board is for atx psu power and i dont need that.
  5. Anyone know if a EXP GDC can be combined with a Bplus HP2A? I am supposing its just a hdmi connection bridging the two, unless im mistaken.
  6. I am deciding whether or not to get a PE4C for my low power desktop setup. Looking into the HP100C kit that comes with the desktop pcie card. I plan to have my monitor hooked up to DVI to the egpu and then via hdmi to the onboard graphics on my motherboard. Now does anyone know if the motherboard will autodetect if the gpu is on at boot via the PE4C and automatically use that? visa versa will the comp detect the gpu is off and boot with onboard graphics? to the OP, this is a fantastic post for a newbie like me. Laid out everything I was looking for.
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