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  1. Center with yellow?. Is necesary two molex connectors? I have the GTX970mini, I use the riser+molex+Solid capacitor but have 1 molex. usando mi iPhone 
  2. How?? I have the system which bootcamp in MBR, the EFI not work for me.
  3. Yess, script work perfect in my MacBook proR 2012 (HD4000+GT650m+GTX970). But the use (GTX970) the laptop screen turn off, and work only the egpu in the external screen.
  4. Hi Hi!! How did the installation? I have the same (Mac+970+eGPU Setup 1.20) and no have external video signal, the monitor is not recognized, there is never a video signal. What configuration use in the eGPU Setup 1.20? Thanx for your help.
  5. i use the DY 1.20 and reallocate the ports. But my GTX970 no output in the HDMi (no signal)
  6. I have an akito + powered riser + Gtx970 miniITX + 600 silverstone. But is that another secure method I can use to replace the riser
  7. but neither is there a guide with alternatives, many post with many methods, but not a guide.
  8. I am referring to the command "all compact..." in DIY boot, every time you reboot, sorry for my English
  9. OK,I always go to DIY and always make the compact.One ach restart. not asked @Tech Inferno Fan I store
  10. for nikyork93 , ok and the DIY boot show the two nvidia cards? check this video, i have only 650m this moment.
  11. The Windows logo boot, show in the internal screen? or in external (hdmi 970 output).
  12. Yes, DIY setup 1.2 is a boot loader, you need this for compact PCI.
  13. in my case, same system: try: 1- choose windows the internal screen freezes and everything gets directed to the external one 2- external monitor turn on (black screen) 3- Countdown 7 seconds and press down key and enter key (selection windows boot - in black screen - not see) 4- in the external monitor load the DIY 1.2 blue boot 5- Do a 3.87GB/32-bit PCIe compaction on ALL except SATA+.. with closeunusedbridges=off. This will create the required pci.bat file. 6-If yes, chainload using mbr and select windows 8 7- internal/external monitor turn ON and the go to the windows login.
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