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  1. After i change and enable everything on modded bios v2.04 and i also enable and select to SG for primary display.Then, this is what happen.. help me please...
  2. I got y400 with GT750M, can i use SLI with Ultrabay GT650M? Does it compatible?
  3. @svl7 I have mod my Y400 with your bios mod, Thousand Thanks! btw, i have tried many configuration on bios, and i tried to enable Intel HD Graphic, I was able to startup without any boot problem, ONLY by set to " PCI " as primary display. but, when windows done startup, i noticed that GT750M is not enable, and i was able to install Intel HD Driver. i think i'm running on Intel HD Graphic, but, with no driver, so, its a bit stuttering.. Here's some pic
  4. Hi, if i wanna upgrade my Y400 CPU, from i7 3630qm to 4700mq.. Does Y400 support 4700mq?
  5. Probably, you need to change the display cable..
  6. So, after v2.02 BIOS, we can't flash unlocked BIOS by svl7?
  7. Hi, i wanna ask, why, my bluetooth driver, some time will not load, which is now, i start my y400, then start to pair Bluetooth with my phone, but, it doesn't show any bluetooth setting on Windows 8.1 setting, so, i need to reboot my laptop again in order to have the bluetooth enable..why this happen?
  8. Hi, im using Y400, i also can increase my refresh rate, up to 128hz, but, im a bit worried, if increasing the refresh rate will decrease the LCD lifetime?
  9. Hello, can this tutorials apply for supporting Y400 SLI GPU? cause, i heard it need like double power for supporting SLI on Y400.
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