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  1. Thanks, octiceps. I didn't read the full post the first time i saw it, i was a little busy... Did you modded your Bios already? I read that some options on the menu are not functional and some of them should not be changed... I got a new router and the signal got really better and more stable... im using a TPLINK WR740N now. It a lot more stable than before, only disconnecting one or two times per day, witch is awesome. But i'm still considering the modded Bios and an alternative wifi card. What do you have to say about the modded Bios? It's ok/stable? Any BSOD or something? ps: sorry if i sound confusing, i'm doing a special effort with my english. Thanks, mate!
  2. Could it be a compatibility issue between ac 7260 and y500? i mean, i'm trying to figure out how to mod my bios to change the wifi card (already have an ac7260) and i was questioning if its really compatible...
  3. I got a AC7260 but i'm trying to figure out how to deal with the Bios thing. Tsc, im very disappointed with Lenovo. Spent a lot of money on a Offline gaming laptop.
  4. I'm suffering from the same issue with Y500. I already purchased an AC7260 and then i discovered that Lenovo locked the Bios. I can't understand what's the point of a locked Bios!! About the ssd cahche partition, mine got corrupted as i was trying to recover w8 installation (n2230 was a little more stable on w8, so i decided to downgrade from w8.1), so i just formatted the recovery partition and im living without it so far. It was painfull to install a w8 retail version on y500 to, because the Bion lock again. I'll never, never buy a Lenovo procuct again. Extremely disappointed. Please. tell me if AC7260 works for you. Thanks in advance and sorry about any english mistake i've done.
  5. It's very simple, just attach/ dettach them normally, and carefully. By the way, anyone know if its posssible to use AC7260 wireless card on ideapad Y500? Is it compatible? Thx
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new here in the forum and i don't speak english 100%, but i'll try. I have a Lenovo Ideapad y500 gor about a year and i've been living a nightmare with it. I found out the links to this modded Bios, but i'm not sure if i would be able to chance the wireless card after mod my bios... is that correct? Still can't download the files, (i read the forum rules about it), but i don't know what to do anymore. I just can't work with this fantastic "Lenovo Offline Gamer Laptop" from hell. I'm considering bring this peace of crap to the firing range and solve the problem there. Thx in advance and sorry bout anything.
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