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  1. I have 840 Evo and try to use "fixed bios". It doesn't work for me. System not started, started only after many attempts and freezes after 2-3 min of work. It's enough for me for rollback to original BIOS. That's a bad story...
  2. It's doest work. System started only after many attempts and freezed after 2-3 min of work. It's enough for re-flash original BIOS...
  3. Look at Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. It's much more better, but only for Asia. I started to prepare for trip to Thailand )))
  4. Go to work ! You know wolf from russian animation series? )))
  5. Great guy ! I hope he realized all his dreams !
  6. And one more question - m14x R1 support m.2 or mSata - I saw slot looks like m.2/mSata near Wi-fi module !?
  7. It give me SATA 3 support or not?
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