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  1. Solved. just had to update nv_dispi under [NVIDIA_Devices.NTamd64.6.1] as it deals with windows 7 Plus the [strings] section as per TheTqM's posted pdfs. Thank you!!
  2. Sadly I am getting this after trying to follow the steps in the pdfs it seems windows 7 has a different method. I am have two 780m gtx in an m18x R1, using windows 7 64bit. I tried to locate the device and gpu ID from device manager if I understand correctly, 119F = 780m gtx, and 048F = m18x R1. whenever I try modding both files NVDMI and NVDISPI, it doesn't seem to proceed with the installation. also using older NVDMI and NVDISPI that worked with previous drivers is not working with this one. maybe I am doing this wrong, or nvidia figured a way to counter using newer GPUs on older machines.
  3. Thank you dearly for this comprehensive response, much appreciated!! By the way, I am using Windows 7, 64bit. So I understand I would have to d ownload driver "XXX.XX-notebook-win7-64bit-international-whql" , but otherwise same instructions right? I will try this now. cheers
  4. Would anyone be able to help with modding both nv_dispi.inf and nvdmi.inf files, for the 780m GTX for m18x R1? it would be highly appreciated
  5. definitely not the only one watching....
  6. If you want to maximize your gaming performance gain, you should really start with upgrading to a pair of 780m's as they are one of the best gpus available for the m18x There are a couple of tear down videos around that would help you greatly when taking your laptop apart.
  7. nice scores, i am sure it can do much better with the new modded bios
  8. are there any news about benchmark results for 680m SLI ?
  9. yes i am using one 240W PSU, and no other cooling factors were used except that the notebook was opened and back cover was out
  10. I was trying to overclock the cards to above 800/1000, but I couldn't achieve much with them being undervolted. So I had to return them to stock voltage, here are some runs after o'cing:
  11. Finally installed the 6990s in my r2, here are one run of vantage after undervolting:
  12. For your system instead of 300Watt psu, you could try setting up dual 220watt pus's in parallel.

  13. very nice score DR, didn't think cpu TDP can go high with those cards...
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