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  1. Prema, I want to say thanks for the amazing bios! I have a p170sm (non -a) and threw in a gtx 980m w/ prema bios and it runs fantastic! I'll be showing my gratitude soon enough with a donation. Keep up the great work! P170sm (non -a) i7-4700mq 16gb crucial balistix GTX 980m 4x 840 Evo 240gb With those specs, is it beneficial to run a 330w psu? i currently have the stock 240w unit.
  2. I haven't posted here yet, but i currently have a p170sm with a 4700mq, prema bios, gx980m and 4 ssd's. Currently still using my stock 240w adapter and was curious to know if there are any benefits to getting a 330w adapter? So far, i haven't really had to many issues. I have a few cooling mods done so everything has been keeping decent temps wise. Thanks for the advice/input in advance!
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