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  1. my screen only flickering when gpu temp reach 80 deg. below that flickering rarely show up
  2. unfortunately, there is no second nvidia driver provided by lenovo for windows 7, i already try install second video driver for windows 8 & 8.1 at windows 7, but not work, nvidia wont detect the 2nd GPU.
  3. All Lenovo Y510P Series have ultrabay, it's a slot for additional Discrete Graphics/HDD/BD Rom/or just additional fan. Of course you have. You can change your 750 SLI discrete graphics with another ultrabay odd
  4. Has anyone experience Y510p get flickering when showing black or dark pictures/ videos or anything dark. it's sometimes not appear when cool but sometime only when lappy gets hot. Please advise.
  5. it's not very hard for me, the only hard part is to get 100% memory for every mission IMO
  6. I think Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is the best MMORPG, better Graphics, Cool storyline, and its not Pay to win MMO. you need skill & team work to fight bosses on dungeon.
  7. Yes, SAO season 1 is very cool, but on season 2 the story become more boring for me. - - - Updated - - - Watch anime No Game No Life, it's the best anime for summer this year. Has cool storyline and very funny
  8. I am looking for this since the 1st time i use y510p, thanks a lot!! is it possible to make dust removal run on temperature lower than 80?
  9. Anyone try disabling discrete graphics setting in bios and use UMA only setting on bios for installing Hackintosh without removing real discrete? is it works?
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