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  1. Hi guys, Does anyone by any chance have the same hardware ID on their K5100M as I? PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_11B8&SUBSYS_176C103C&REV_A1 Bought the card and it worked beautifully, but I was slightly annoyed over that the nVIDIA drivers would not install without adding the hardware string to the .inf, so I set out to find another firmware without realizing that the hardware ID will not change with a firmware change. Short story, even shorter. Found a few images, flashed them. Did not improve my situation so reverted back to the original ROM that was backed up at the first flash. It should be 80.04.B0.00.09 originally unless I messed up and somehow mixed up the roms. Found a Dell rom, 80.04.C9.00.02. No picture at boot, only when drivers activate the card a signal is received. Also a HP rom, 80.04.C4.00.06. Not better. Flashed with nvflash -4 -5 -6 filename.rom (attempted flashing with -j as well as "this allows flashing a corrupted or erased EEPROM") Now the card behaves oddly when booting the HP 8770w docked, no picture on the external DP connected monitors unless I open and close the laptop lid. And nVIDIA mosaic will not function at all. Just says "firmware error, most certainly". It did work before since I used that feature, so pretty sure I screwed it up. If you do have the same ROM, pretty please, make a backup with nvflash or GPUz and post here. Or do you guys have any tricks with nvflash (using 5.163) , possibly some other parameters I might not be aware of that needs to be added as well to write over certain information. Thanks.
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