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  1. ** Nevermind after trying the suggestion by Trollgeir of shutting down it seems to be working fine now. Thanks svl7 for the mod having an odd problem here if anyone can suggest something. So I went through all the steps on the first page using the unlocked overclocked edition and in each step it said it was successful but for some reason I'm getting the original bios and gpu not overclocked. I have a g75vw with a 660m.
  2. they are great for media center pc's but nothing else really. People do some pretty crazy stuff aesthetically with them though I've seen someone make a giant spider case out of one with glowing red acrylic legs, it looked pretty awesome.
  3. I think for now it's mostly just out for bragging rights as others have said the cheaper ones are only 30hz which would definitely have issues, not to mention there are very limited sources which could supply 4k resolution. I think I read there was one video card that costs close to a $1000. So unless he has cash to burn and doesn't care to do so I wouldn't. OLED TV's and monitors are coming out albeit slowly but they are suppose to be a contender for 4k TV's as they have extremely rich blacks and colors. Personally I would wait to see how everything goes and get something decent like a 4 color monitor if any exists.
  4. Hey Jam have you tried raising the cooling pad slightly from the surface below? I found with the few cooling pads I owned that the ones that are on an angle or raised slightly allows more airflow than the simple flat ones. Great mod though looks like it would be pretty decent
  5. oh wow I didn't even know you could get something like this, which is great because I got a laptop with a broken dvd and only 1 drive. Thanks Nando4.
  6. supposedly unless you're doing heavy video / photo editing or using something with a lot of layers in photoshop you won't notice any difference, as you said it is something mostly for benchmarking. I saw a video on youtube though that a guy hooked up something like 28 ssd drives in raid and got crazy amount of speeds, was kinda cool seeing a 10 gig file transferring in a couple seconds though.
  7. The major problem with them not getting much viewership on tv was because they kept changing the schedule around, although I do admit it doesn't seem to have the same allure as the original series. Personally I'm happier it's online now instead, it's impossible to miss.
  8. Having played and enjoyed the infamous series I would love to play the next one however as I don't own a ps4 nor see any reason to buy one as I had so many problems with my ps3. At least on pc you can backup all your saves on a couple of games I couldn't even copy them onto a thumb drive temporarily when I wanted to install a new hard drive in it.
  9. I imagine you've tried these games before but oblivion, skyrim and fallout are pretty interesting games especially with the mods that are out there I've finished fallout new vegas and started in with a brand new game because of mods.
  10. Hey all, came across the site while looking up max o/c stats for my laptop to get a little bit of a boost and saw all the great bios mods here so hope I'll be around for a while
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