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  1. I agree with many of your points but figured I'd throw my two cents in. As some others have mentioned piracy on the PC has fallen off pretty dramatically thanks to steam, so I argue that this is not part of the reason. However the fact that PC games pretty much end up 25% off from day one does have something to do with it. Software companies make less per sale of a PC game almost immediately upon its release. On top of the fact that within 6 months on PC nearly any title is available for 50% off. And since they are a business it is always going to be about money. What we will probably see more of is the GTA V approach to PC release. They release it to console and then release it PC over a year later game plan, even Destiny is planning that approach. And heres why, they can sell the game twice. PC gamers in some ways are starved so they will go and buy a game like GTA V when it comes out bc they want it so bad that they will take a hit on performance and play it on a console. Then Rockstar comes a year later and says oh now its out on PC, take advantage of your superior hardware and thus the previously starved PC gamer buys it again on the platform he wished he could have used in the first place. Its all about money and if you can sell the same thing to people twice, why wouldn't you?
  2. Given your two options and your concerns I would recommend dropping two regular hard drives into the other two slots and running them in RAID 0. Just make sure you get good quality drives. A little background on my setup. I have 3X2TB drives in RAID 0 and 2X120gb SSD's in RAID 0. What I can tell you is that you won't see a major improvement on the SSD's in 0. However running two large drives for your big storage needs like games and movies you will see a pretty nice performance jump.
  3. Once you go 2560+ you will never go back. I've had my dell 2560X1600 for 4yrs now and I have loved every minute of it. And the color spectrum on that bad boy you're looking at sounds truly magnificent.
  4. 4k Monitors are going to be great. That being said, I would still wait a little while before jumping on the band wagon. Assuming the interest in a 4k is not simply for movies but also for gaming it would be best to wait until the newer generation of 4k's come out. Many of the cheap ones currently available are going to lock you into 30fps max because the cable inputs on the monitor are not yet up to par. The new display port and hdmi standards are capable of 60hz but are only being implemented on the higher end 4k displays. Now if all you care about is movies or there is no concern at all for money then I'd say sure now is a fine time to jump in. Furthermore if the intent is for gaming you are gonna need to set aside another huge chunk of cash just for a nice set of video cards to run it.
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