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  1. how i went about fixing this issue was i first had the realtek audio drivers install not supplied by manufacture. after i realized it was making static noise i decided to download and install drivers from lenovo. i didn't perform a clean install of the drivers which in any case shouldn't matter for sound card. but that's what i did
  2. have you tried taking out the mobo battery? the one that looks like a quarter?
  3. i agree with thinkdez i read that also, but still it sucks to have such a crappy wifi card my eeepc 701 has a atheros
  4. i had a similar problem with my audio/mic. i ended up reinstalling the drivers and it went away. use the ones the came with your y500. via lenovo support site
  5. does this work on y500? 103hz is pretty damn good, it's as close as clear motion as we can get which we have on our TV's
  6. does anyone know when season 4 will be coming back?
  7. i run into this same issue. it's worst when using ubuntu. sometimes i will connect at a really slow slow speed. the disconnect issues usually happen on windows
  8. hi, i'm x3maniac and i have a blog @ {novaspirit // decoded} | place for notes trying to get my post count up so i can start rocking!
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