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  1. I just got the 7260 and now I just need to mod my BIOS. I'm very excited to get rid of the 2230. It's a piece of junk....
  2. Do you think that this mod will also improve the performance of an Antec cooler?
  3. As everyone said before, it's just a matter of the GPU(s) just take too much power to even warrant using the battery. I'm wanting to update to the custom BIOS so that I can use the integrated graphics while I'm on battery.
  4. So flashing this custom bios would allow support for the Intel 7260 wireless card?
  5. Waiting for Maplestory 2 and GTA V, for sure. I played GTA V on PS3 but I want to see how it fairs with PC.
  6. Dungeon Defenders, Sonic All-Stars racing transformed, Gamecube games using Dolphin, And maybe look into getting a controller to play split screen Left 4 Dead and Portal games.
  7. Rust is getting really beautiful and full and features on the experimental branch.
  8. Pabu. It's gotta be Pabu.
  9. Maplestory is where it's at.
  10. Take a look at something like Mirror's Edge maybe?
  11. I've heard everything from low cable ratings to too many people dying on a kid's show. I'm fine with it being all online because that's how I watched it anyway...
  12. The PC version was flawless, as far as possible porting is concerned. I want to say that it was a PC --> Console port.
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