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  1. WD and SeaGate have similar reputations honestly. A lot also depends on the line that you buy. Externals generally have a higher failure rate than internals. Building your own internal gives you a little better quality control. SSDs are the future though, if you are willing to pony up the amount.
  2. I recommend Clevo or Sager. The Clevo W230SS is a great laptop for both, if a bit small. If you want something bigger, go for one of their 15 inch laptops. The Y510P is a great option, but it comes pre-configured (not many options) and runs extremely hot (if buying SLI edition).
  3. There's a whoooooooooooooole lot of illuminated keyboards... You need a price range for any of us to provide you anything specific. In the $100 range you have stuff like Logitech and Razer, but you can get Ducky's and keyboards like that for $300-$400. Then there's el cheapo keyboards in the bargain bin that are also illuminated.
  4. Yeah, games aren't even natively scaled to 4K yet, and Windows has issues with scaling to 4K. I'd say in 2 more years 4K will go big, but until then, sticking with 1080P is your best bet.
  5. Jesus christ, you'll never go back to a membrane keyboard after buying a mechanical one. Typing on one is like the difference between heaven and earth. If you type and game a lot, its a great investment.
  6. The G502 I found has a much more relaxed grip than the M65 (G9x grip), but the M65 grip will offer more precision. The M65 also feels a lot narrower even though the two may be sized similarly. Since the M65 has a much shorter profile, it gives much more ability to move your mouse vertically without having to pick up your elbow as well. If you like lower DPI, and precise control, take the M65, though the grip may not be as comfortable. Just a by the way, the M45 has a better sensor. Food for thought. The G502 has a more comfortable grip as well as weights and one of the best sensors money can buy. I also prefer Logitech's build quality and three-year warranty as compared to Corsair's, but those are largely irrelevant. Choose a mouse based upon what you want in a mouse.
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