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  1. Can confirm this! And the SLI Texture Flickering in Dragon Age Inq. is LESS yet still occurs but not that strong and not that often. 750m SLI.
  2. It is Driver related: Please note, Ubisoft and BioWare are working on updates to Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, respectively, to resolve multi-GPU and single-GPU game issues that can occur on any graphics card. In Far Cry 4's case, the first of these updates will launch sometime today, with further updates coming in the near future. For details of Dragon Age: Inquisition's updates, bookmark this page. This was from the Driver post on the Geforce Site:Far Cry 4 GeForce Game Ready Driver Now Available | GeForce
  3. You are very welcome. Now we only have to wait for the AC U Update I think Nvidias Drivers are not the big issue here in the Ubisoft titles. - - - Updated - - - For everyone who are using Windows Technical Preview and the Nvidia Drivers for Win 8.1. Nvidia has to optimize their Drivers for the Technical Preview as a Mircosoft Engineer posted: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_tp-gaming/windows-10-tp-online-game-issues/5db045a2-0f35-4d4b-b6fb-9343071ad77a
  4. I saw a Post from a MS Engineer, where they say that Nvidia has to optimize their drivers for Win. Technical Preview. Windows 10 TP: Online Game Issues - Microsoft Community
  5. I saw an article today where Ubisoft states that they have found the problem for the drops especially in cutscenes and they will soon update it.I guess it was as u said something with the processqueue and the many NPC. U should if u haven't already update ur Far Cry 4 to the latest version (1.04) along with the 344.75 I have almost no drops and it is very well playable/enjoyable now!
  6. Got the y510p 750m sli and I have updated my Games (Far Cry 4 and AC U) to the last versions I think both 1.03...but I have on both games terrible performance yet both sli profile are working. I guess Ubisoft has to update their Games and Nvidia has then to optimize their drivers/sli profiles a bit. The gpu utilization is on both cards around 95%-99% with some drops in Far Cry 4 and even more and harder drops in Assassin's Creed Unity. P.s.: Stability is no issue...runs stable in all games whereas I had heavy issues with the 344.65 P.p.s.: Other updated profiles like Ryse Son of Rome and Grid Autosport run just great!
  7. I also have the y510p and the intel centrino 2230, I update my Driver to (latest for Win 8.1) yet it still loses the connection...I noticed that if you are downloading and say for example watching vids on Youtube it is more likely to drop the connection :/
  8. Can't overclock my LCD anymore on the Windows 10 Technical Preview (9879 Build)...Was able to overclock my matte Display to 83Hz or 80Hz on Windows 8.1 and I used "back then" the Nvidia Driver 344.11 for Windows 8.1 64Bit version...I "updated" my OS to the Technical Preview also 64Bit and used the same Driver(and I reinstalled it) yet when I try to overclock it to 83Hz, 80Hz or even anything above 60Hz my screen goes black and I have to restart. I am currently using the 344.75 Driver (64bit) with a clean installation and still cant overclock it anymore. I have the y510p matte display with 750m sli and the Windows Technical Preview 9879 also I use the 344.75 Game Ready Driver for Win 8,1 64bit...any help, any Ideas? P.s.:I have no other issues...my Overclock on the sli gpus runs just perfect and I saw oddly enough a increase of fps and in benchmarking
  9. Try a Lenovo Y510p with single GPU with 2GBs of VRAM and 8 GB RAM. It offers you a quad-core CPU with 8 Threats! and really high build quality. Plus: it is very cheap just oner 1000$
  10. I have 750m SLI and I was able to get stalbe: Core: 1158MHz Mem: 2750MHz and my max temp. were 87C on 1st Card and 95-96C on ultrabay (Witcher 2 after 30mins of playing)
  11. I hade the same problem...Throttlestop is just a better "workaround".
  12. Thank you now I run stable at about 90. I had the same issues but you fixed it!Thanks again for sharring the solution:)
  13. I got stable 1150 MHz, 2750 MHZ on Mem, with my 750ms...it sometimes runs into the upper 90s(2nd card) but it never throttles due to a coolpad.
  14. Try the Notepal XL from Coolermaster! Works fine and gave me 10-1 2celcius degrees on my Y510p Sli 750m.
  15. Yes I had the same issue with 83Hz. I went back to 80Hz and it is stable!
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