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  1. Google Dicota AluCompact. An M18 R1/R2 fist perfectly. A very sturdy case.
  2. None, the switch should be seamless. What is your current option rom version? If you didn't have TRIM before, you will have it now. The disks will automatically 'catch up' so to say.
  3. Could be. If that's the case then there will be no reason to invest into 680MX if 7xx series will be just around the corner. I'd bet that 780M is going to be released in the end of June 2013 (as it was with 580m and 680m). Even if the cards are available in January, it would still be a better idea to wait for 780M (especially as both are/will be expensive not less than 680M this June/July).
  4. Already tried. With this bios (850, no ov) I can't do that. The problem in this thread is that there is several versions of dell vbios, out of which only some are labeled what's what. I know where you are coming from. A 'dry' 900 may work. Which version is not ov and should allow software oc? There are Dell 680m - - OCedition and Dell 680m - OCeditionNew there. I assume both feat. untouched clocks, should allow software oc and are not ov while the second one should be more flexible/allow more? Is this correct? I will flash the latter tomorrow and try things. Svl7, can you comment on those two what's been done so things are crystal clear? Thanks. Yo johnksss, which one have you been using for your oc tests?
  5. Right, the 900 version is already there. Just found it. What clocks does "Dell 680m - OCeditionNew" feature?
  6. The result is terrific indeed. Everything stock (2x 680m, 3820qm) scored 10457. The same running '850 regular' without any extra oc goes up to 11261. I did just a single run so an actual result may be a bit higher. If the 900 base version, if only svl7 will be kind enough to make it, is going to behave in the same way 850 is (no throttles, temps in order, stable), it will be another major win.
  7. Thanks. I've just flashed the cards and did a stress test. Everything indeed works fine. The 900 base bios somebody proposed may work great too. I will do a 3dmark 11 test later. Great job svl7.
  8. Which version have you been using? Standard 850, 850 ov, or 850 ov oc (there are three). Which worked best for you?
  9. I think the current design line is just fine and I'd like Dell to keep it. It's slick and simple enough to be truly aesthetic and IMO it's the best what AW has come so far over the years. It's not too flashy/childish, yet still deeply matt black and uncommonly interesting enough to stand out and become AW classic, so to say. I am glad AW is after 'clean' display assemblies just with a lit up head and so on. I really don't like things overdone and the skullcap design always seemed so. The question here would be much more if we want to see more 'varieties' of Alienware hardware. A slim yet still similarly looking ultrabook would be nice for instance, not really for gaming/performance, but for matching looks. I'd buy it. BTW, those Razers are crap. Their hardware/performance is nowhere near what a gaming machine should offer (especially vs the price they ask for this thing). IMO they are trying to lure customers with over-fancied elements like that touch screen (how is this useful? it isn't at all, it just looks fancy enough for some kids to buy it) and limited number of units offered (to render the thing 'elite' enough). The most attractive thing about Blade is that is both deeply black and thin, but as said, an AW a'la-ultrabook would be much more interesting providing the same. - - - Updated - - - That would make m14x much heavier, perhaps too heavy for easy portability at this size. What I would rather have them to do is to introduce graphite display assembly. The current plastic one is IMO too flexible.
  10. So which is the recommended version for Dell 680m? The one in this post there? That "new oc" is not listed in the second 'testing' posting so I am asking to be sure what's what. Thanks for help.
  11. All of this could me somehow accepted (or at least ignored) if only Dell/other OEMs at the same time paid equal attention to actually updating things that are supposed to be updated. M18x still needs working boost on nvidia cards. A BIOS option to set hdd passwords (using ATA commands) so we can finally utilize our SDDs encryption options at the disk/controller level would be quite great too. Naturally, practical updates are of secondary (if any at all) priority. They are after their market strategies and bullshit "just shut up and update, we know what's best for you" attitude (e.g. by not even attacking changelogs to the bios updates). This post is by no means a rant. I can navigate around bullshit and stay on clear waters (or at least just a bit brownish as once cannot escape everything they throw at us). Let's just face it. It is what it is.
  12. Thanks svl7! Logically, there is hence no point to update, what you can always do when there is another update bringing changes this time worth 'locking' yourself out of modified bioses (what changes would this exactly be? that's discussable). Of course dell is paying attention to commercial bullshit issues instead of fixing what truly needs to be fixed there, e.g. finally introducing working boost for nvidia cards. How safe is going from A03 to anything higher? There's been a decent number of people screwing things up while trying to do that, as it seems judging by the number of posts in the NBR forums with complains about the issue.
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