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  1. Use HWinfo to monitor CPU and GPU temps while in game
  2. Hi Megador How did you get such high overclock and voltage adjustments? Was it a modified vbios?
  3. Hi bugii This may be a little off topic, but have you experienced any cpu throttle issues when you play 3d games on the 150w psu?
  4. i can confirm this, i installed a gtx770m that was pulled from another msi notebook and it installed right away at boot. no vbios flash or modified drivers required
  5. This is the heatsink i used with my 770m i just installed, hope this helps
  6. Hey guys Just want to share my experience. I installed a gtx 770m card and gpuz recognised it right away. Windows found the drivers, rebooted and it there it was fully installed. no vbios flash, no modified drivers, nothing. Here are some pics of install.
  7. I have found out the problem, the wifi adapter i was using for only made for IBM/Lenovo laptops I have since ordered a new OEM version, and that worked right out of the box
  8. Hi I'm having problems getting my intel 7260 hmw card working on my GT683. Windows detected the card and tried to install it but it failed. I have tried installing using the drivers from the intel website, install was successful but I have a yellow exclamation mark in device manager. I don't even see the wireless adapter in my network connections could someone possibly tell me their driver version, or let me know if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks. I'm running windows 7 home premium 64bit
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