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  1. nickurey

    Goodbye Inspiron 1501.

    I have an Inpsiron 1525, paid whole bunch of money for it, I even paid extra 30 bucks to get the special designed lid cover. Served me well within one year, after the warranty expired things happened and I had to pay to replace the cracked screen, mouse button fix, hard disk replacement (my data was gone ) The battery can't even hold 1s. The last thing it happened was the mainboard dying. So I let it sit there for 2 years and now own an Alienware M14X, My brother suddenly brought it to the shop and paid like 35 bucks to repair. It now can serve him lol, they shop stole 1GB of my RAM tho. Damn.
  2. nickurey

    Speaker issues with M14X R1

    My subwoofer does work, just that it works like a normal speaker. Isn't it normal. I have never really noticed this until it blew a few weeks ago and I had to order some replacement part from aliexpress, around 18 bucks.
  3. I have the M14xR1 and the right palm rest overheats a lot since it is where they place the HDD, I tired to take out the DVD drive and the battery to provide more ventilation but nothing changed. So I replace it with an SSD, and left if "hanging" (I didn't screw the drive to the bay, just connect it to the port. Now it's better, but it'll be nice if someone has a better solution.

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