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  1. It's funny that I didn't even have energy management software installed and ideafan still worked. But I just installed energy management and everything is working again
  2. Hi! This program was working nicely until it just stopped working. I just reinstalled it and even if I right click the icon and press start nothing happens, also same with CTRL+SHIFT+Q. I have Y510p. Thanks!
  3. Yesterday I bought Divinity: Original Sin through Steam and after few hours of play I can already recommend it.
  4. For my gaming needs y510p 755m sli has proven to be bang for a buck purchase. Only problem that I have had is the overheating but with cooling pad, allstone's ideafan software and undervolting it has been undercontrol. Next I'm gonna try the unlocked bios for vGPU undervolting and see if it improves the temps even more.
  5. Downloaded your software and it's working flawlessly, lowers the temps nicely. Thank you for this software allstone!
  6. I also got 103HZ on my y510p and I can see no more flickering on some websites that I used to (Steam).
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