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  1. I just upgraded a few weeks ago with with my m17x from 560m to 780m. you should have no issue's with heat sinks or x brackets. Just make sure to get some good thermal pads, and make sure they have contact with your heat sinks. follow j95 guide in the forum link bikaso gave. After install, if you start getting beeps and black screen when restarting computer. Take out card and reinstall they arn;t sitting right. Happened to me, and I had a slight panic
  2. ya dust is evil, I got my old m17x r2 up to 110 C. not good. try to keep things below 80 to keep your hardware alive
  3. This video compares the 2 cards head to head stock for stock, and their basically the same. the main difference is the 880m actually run a little hotter. What is suspected the 880m might oc a little better if provided a good cooling solution, but the 780m's do just fine.
  4. from what I have read and seen on people testing. the best method is as little as possible (aka small dot so center of chip covered but not spilling over). The thinner the paste the less distance needed for heat to travel to the copper of the heat sink which is much more conductive then any past. personally i use MX-4 good so far.
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