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  1. What i did was add the card and it booted. Then I installed the latest drivers. Then I disabled the extra 750m GPU (took a little bit of trial to figure out which one was the one in the slot and not on the mobo). Then I booted up with the monitor hooked up to the eGPU. I told the bios to use the pcie gpu as the default. I had an AMD card (r9 290x), but I would think a Nvidia card would be easier. Remove the eGPU and install the latest drivers.
  2. I'll see the settings on my card. You probably need to install the latest drivers for the external gpu?
  3. Your plugging a monitor into the external GPU? The fans on most Nvidia GPUs will turn off at idle. I wouldn't be surprised if it was outputting video only out of the GPU.
  4. Thanks for the pics of your setup man! That is a ton of help! didjya use dummy dvi? btw, wut is suitable GPU card if only using internal display? No I didn't bother with any dummy stuff. The issue is the display data has to travel back over the mPCIe 1x lane so you loose a lot of performance. I almost wouldn't even recommend you run on the internal display as any card will have about the same hit.
  5. Just hooked it up. All I had to do to get it to run was disable the main 750m card (I have sli) and install the radeon drivers. My laptop in firestrike by default gets: 3379 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/9461124 If I use the interal display (mirroring) I only get: 5308 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/9461257 But if only use the external display I get: 8979 http://www.3dmark.com/fs/9461317 HUGE improvement in fact it actually beat the card running at 16x with a phenom II 965 (my backup system) 8 979 to 8381 http://www.3dmark.com/compare/fs/9461317/fs/8949440 mainly due to the higher physics scores (CPU) although the GPU only scored 1000 points less over the mPCIe
  6. So I'm about to do this same setup except with a r9 290x tonight. Did you cut the case of the laptop to route the cable on the outside? Also what do you do with the extra cable when you need to move your latptop around? I though about fabricating some sort of door for the area where my mPCIe card is on the bottom cover so I can swap it and out the wifi card when I'm on the go.
  7. I'm interested in purchasing one of these adapters. Amazing work. Are there currently any available?
  8. I had heard the tim in the 4 series was bad, but wow 5 ghz just by removing the cover and water. That is pretty impressive! I was debating on upgrading my 2500k, but this may push me over the edge...
  9. I have a pair of r9 290x with the accelero hybrid installed on them. Not only are they "super cooled" they are super quiet
  10. I love my y500. It is getting a little old though. Why can't upgraded your laptop GPU be like upgrading a PC one?
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