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  1. Prema

    Overclockable 680m bios for my p170hm

    That is simply an invention "made by Sager", which we could never get out of peoples heads. One guy had flashed a Clevo BIOS on his Sager and when he asked Sager for an update they gave him a BIOS which was not compatible with the EC version (it would not have been compatible even if his system would have had the Sager version of the same EC). So he bricked his system, because of Sager's oversight, and Sager blamed him and started the "Sager's Cross-flash Myth". In case someone is uncertain about the compatibility of a certain BIOS with an EC, then we can just remove the "/SHUTDOWN %1 %2 %3 %4" commands from the ".bat" file and flash the latest EC and, without to shut the system down in between, the latest BIOS right after that. (On the HM series only the oldest EC is not compatible with the later BIOS revisions if I remember correctly) On the EM/ER/ET series on the other hand we can not downgrade to very old versions even if we flash BIOS & EC at the same time. (Just before moving to BIOS/EC 1.02.xx, so during the last few 1.00.xx versions, Clevo made some fundamental changes which cause a brick while trying to go back with regular updates)
  2. Prema

    P170HM 2920xmOC DDR2133

    CL9 @ 2133Mhz is pretty tight for the good old HM. Good job
  3. Sweet! I have a spare GTX580M heatpipe, which is waiting to support a 2960XM...
  4. Prema

    Quadro card for gaming

    It is SVL7's work, we are still testing it...next thing is a little OV...
  5. Prema

    Quadro card for gaming

    They made Hynix & Sammy K5M versions...the chips are rated 9x0Mhz (1800/3600)@1.3v & 1250Mhz (2500/5000)@1.5v...afaik the board only gives them 1.3v so 2600Mhz is awesome and it is an 1000Mhz OC over the stock RAM speed... LOL;) I didn't try to go above 2300Mhz, yet...didn't want to fry anything What was your CPU speed at 2 cores?
  6. Prema

    Quadro card for gaming

    YES, soon: NVIDIA Quadro K5000M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-2960XM Processor,CLEVO P170HM3 score: P7654 3DMarks Did you really run the RAM @ 2600Mhz? DUDE that's awesome! Are yours Sammy or Hynix chips?
  7. In case 3D tab doesn't show with a GTX675M you can just flash it to a GTX580M to enable it.
  8. The sticker says 30PINs, but if you count them there are 40, just like on our W110ER: http://www.avidia.com.tw/docs/product/B116XW03%20V.1.pdf What does the LED sticker itself say? Any part number...
  9. Just leave your system open, i'll come right over and pick your IPS up I have two cards and my Notebook is ten thousands of miles away...
  10. I have to check my connector, would be awsome if it could fit my W110ER... Quality posts ME??? I'll try! BTW: You have a new toy in your mail.
  11. THX man...that's awesome good news...btw can't blow up the picture: Prema, you do not have permission to access this page....
  12. CONGRATS svl7! If you get a chance, let us know if the LCD is eDP or still LVDs.

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