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  1. I guess no-one here wants to see the P870DM2/3 mobo, right? Yeah, thought so. Otherwise I would have posted it, but if you are all good... @Mr. Fox Why does the forum glitch only mess up your posts? The QS 1070s still had all the FETs in place: Awesome!
  2. We have higher ambient temps than 46c in Summer...I remember it reaching up to 52c, so yeah. Current standard (since 2012) is MXM III (revision 3.1, which added PCIe 3.0). Type 'b' (and 'a') simply describe the physical dimensions, hence the new cards are MXM III (3.1) but not 'b' (apart from the MSI 1060).
  3. It's almost funny that NVIDIA now finally officially supports overclocking on mobile GPUs that can't even hold their stock clocks unless used in Alaska in Winter... They must be really scared of heat if a vBIOS is told to throttle at 46c...
  4. MSI in recent days only uses SLI connector on systems also designed for SLI. The card above is used in the non-SLI systems. I don't know if they offer 1060 in any of their SLI systems...some of our MSI brothers here should know better than me.
  5. DM3: GTX 1080 SLI (and single as per importer request), GRID heatsink, 2x330W AC Adpater DM2: GTX 1070 SLI, GTX 1080, T-shape or SLI heatsinks, 2x230W AC Adapter DM2/DM3: Same housing & motherboard, parts are interchangeable but not easy to source as after market upgrades. That should change within the next 2 months as usual... WIP: When its ready all Prema Partner Shops that decide to carry a certain model will get access... I wish it would...making a new tech and then abandon it is one thing, but making people pay extra for a 3D license and then stop supporting it...not so cool.
  6. 2 x 330W is the default configuration for P870DM3 unless your re-seller decides otherwise. For P870DM3 Clevo actually advises against the use of a single AC Adapter, but if you plan on running all @ stock then it should be fine-ish.
  7. 1/2. For single 1080 cooling the P870DM2 may have an edge over the P775DM3 when using the T-shape heatsink over two FANs. 3. Clevo doesn't recommend single AC Adapter for P870DM2/3 but you could use single 330W. 1080 in P750DM2 would be an unofficial configuration and may cause cooling problems. IDK about 15" 120Hz screens... Not with any of the cards that I have seen... The standard configuration for 120Hz AUO screen would not come with g-sync GPUs due to the pending g-sync license (same situation we had with the 4K AUO before). IDK about 15" 120Hz or 17" 1440p screens... FN+1 is still with us and as far as I know it should set FANs to 100% duty. Single MSI GPU may work, but I have no test results, yet. None of the cards that I am aware of would allow for SLI. DM3 comes with 'GRID' heatsink by default, for single as well as for dual 1080 configuration.
  8. They can't re-use the 970M (P640RE) design for 1060 but the 965M (P640RF) design for it's pascal counterpart, hence they have to wait for NVIDIA or redesign the entire board... Personally I would like to see them making a 13-14" system with mux and TB3...but this is just me dreaming and not something I would know about.
  9. Standard AC Adapter for 1080 is 330W (dual) and for 1070 is 230W (dual). The FANs in P870DM2/3, P775DM2/3 AND P750DM2 are all identical 12v models. They decreased Master FAN on P870DM-refresh in order to be able to move the Master MXM slot and at the same time maintain GPU upgrade-ability (single GPU) for the current model. I don't know about the MSI screen. I have seen a 120Hz TN model mentioned during Computex from both companies...
  10. PHOENIX 2.0 - GTX 1080 SLI Firestrike @ stock: http://www.3dmark.com/fs/9788207 GTX 1080, 1070, 1060 are electrically not compatible with Maxwell board designs. The successor of GTX965 & GTX960 are. So instead of redesigning the entire P640 board they just wait for the Pascal counterparts... @Legendman Check my reply regarding FANs a few posts above...(old FANs where 5v).
  11. PHOENIX 2.0 - GTX 1080 SLI - TimeSpy @ stock: http://www.3dmark.com/spy/281222
  12. It maybe possible via firmware but as of now it is a hardmod...
  13. Welcome back brother! We missed you! I hope everything is fine back home and with the family!
  14. The ES/QS 1070 boards had all MOSFETs soldered, just like its bigger brother. The MP boards are missing two. Apart from that difference it's just GDDR5 Vs. GDDR5x and some smaller components. Clevo wants to use this MXM format across the board going forward... I honestly don't know...he didn't even mention it as at that point we needed to see if it's possible at all and didn't worry too much about things that can be adjusted. Will add more card models to OP soon... The run was with automatic FANs. And here comes the thing: These are now 12v FANS and the automatic profile won't let the FANs get to 60% of their full capacity even at maximum heat...reason being it would sound like a jet engine. AUO B173HAN01.2 AHVA (IPS-ish) Sorry, I tried to prepare you....smaller models will only come later as per NVIDIA's next pascal-release-wave. There is only one variant and it can probably easily surpass that value after giving it a little extra love... CPU will be cooler in pure CPU runs like long encoding scenarios...if we put full load on both GPUs and CPU then well, we will have to see... SLI is not possible on P870DM with any of the cards that I have seen. The new cards come with an EC communication signal for the new power ports (No signal no boot). This had to be 'tricked' in older models in order for the cards to fire up...
  15. @Mr. Fox THX for posting the thread! Looks like I dozed off while waiting for NDA lift... @ ALL Any questions still unanswered?
  16. @ Everyone with a Clevo mobile 1080, 1070, 1060: For the Mod I would like all cards to reach (and hold) the same base performance and for that I need to build a database of the currently sold stock spectrum! Please run a GPU-Z (use only latest version) render test @ stock clocks after running FULL FAN for at least 30s (FN+1): Record the GPU-Z log while doing so and PM me this log file (would probably miss it in this thread)! FOR SLI OWNER: nVidia Control Panel --> Manage 3D settings --> Program settings --> Add --> TechPowerUp GPU-Z (gpu-z.exe) --> SLI rendering mode change to Force Alternate Frame Rendering 2 --> Apply - Open two GPU-Zs - Set one to top card, set second to bottom card (The drop down arrow). - Set both to log to file. - Run PCI/e render test, acquire logs after a minimum of 30 seconds.
  17. Don't use files from such sources. The correct flash packages with all instructions are right in the OP of this very thread.
  18. You dont have to touch the BIOS. Remove the AMD GPU, then boot into F2 BIOS setup and set the system to UEFI, save & exit the BIOS and shutdown the system. Then re-install the GPU.
  19. If you are running AMD cards then they maybe using the old bugged UEFI only vBIOS. Since the BIOS reset set the system to Legacy boot the result would look like this...
  20. Awesome Khenglish! Looks like you may want to re-run the 3DM11 bench, too! Your old physics and overall score where a bit higher...or maybe the CPU throttled? http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/11445450
  21. 27/33k how awesome is that! 1800Mhz vRAM, that's insane!
  22. Motherboard 2.1 doesn't support GTX8 cards, only v2.2 and up.
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