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  1. Hello everyone I've just ordered a CLEVO W230SS here are the specs: Chassis: CLEVO W230SS QHD+ DISPLAY Cpu: Intel i7 Mobile 4710MQ Thermal Paste: Arctic Cooling MX-4 Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16 GB DDR3-1600 CAS9 (2x8GB) System drive: SAMSUNG 500GB 840 EVO SSD WiFi: INTEL - Wireless N 300 mbps I'm so excited , I will try to update you when it will arrive, I'm looking especially forward to the QHD+ display. This is my first ever CLEVO laptop and I will be building it by myself! Thank you guys for your attention, wonderful community
  2. g4b1bb097

    W230SS QHD+ screen

    How well does the laptop performs at 1600x900?
  3. Intel XTU works for small increases and then there are the unlocked bioses
  4. g4b1bb097

    Gtav on pc

    I hope that Rockstar understood the errors that they made with that uber-unoptimized port of GTA IV but I mean, if GTA V can run with all the AI, Physics on PS3 and XBOX360 hardware there should not be problems on running this game well on a full-fledged modern gaming machine with Core i5/Core i7/FX-6xxx/FX-8xxx/FX-9xxx and Radeon R7/R9 or nVidia 750ti
  5. I bought Skyrim:Legendary edition during the steam summer sales and now I'm pretty deep into it, it's a very good game and with some ENB mods it becomes incredibly good looking
  6. I had a quick search on google that showed up that some Clevos with PREMA's awesome bios mod can overclock and gain almost 15% more performance than stock
  7. Hello everyone, it's g4b1bb097 from Italy there, I'ma computer enthusiast and I finally decided to register in this forum after visiting it two times a day for almost a month
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