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  1. If you have money buy gtx 970. If no, buy a Amd r9 graphic card. I dont like amd for bad drivers but you can spend little money.
  2. I try this vbios, Screen laptop black screen without light. vbios gtx 570m. Illuminated display in black. HDMI and VGA show picture but damaged. vbios gtx 670m. Display not illuminated in black. HDMI and VGA work well. Scree Flashed firmware to 1761EMS1.419. Some result. Flash to 1761.30H. Some result. I have tried with different monitors and nothing. Only works for external. Still playing outside, pulls it shows in the game.
  3. Good night, guys, I found a graphics card compatible with my laptop. It is a GTX 670m out of a msi GT60. The seller said it was 1.5GB, but according watching their vbios is 3GB. Well. With the original vbios, I can see hdmi, vga but no display on the screen of the laptop. (Black screen). If I flash the vbios gtx 570m. The screen of the laptop, illuminates, but still black screen. VGA and HDMI are seen, but with errors on screen. I am very desperate to run this notebook. He has now 3years in my closet ... Can you think something happens ?, vBIOS customs? something ?. Thank you. EDIT: More info, MSI GT780DXR, BIOS 10H for non raid systems. And i look in nvidia and i cant look a laptop screen. With my graphic card gtx 570m i can look. EDIT2: I Update the bios and firmware. GT780 MS-1761 Bios ver.: E1761IMS.10H (NON RAID SISTEM) Bios build: 11/18/2011 10:10:10 EC ver. : 1761EMS2 Ver 4.19 EC build: 11/22/2011 ME FW ver.:
  4. HI guys, I'm have msi GT780DXR and am desperately looking for help. These days it has broken my GTX570M and I would like to enable the integrated graphics to at least use the laptop. Currently my only options to use the laptop, is connect remotely. I can not do anything with out windows. (the screen does not go, hdmi does not work.) After 18 hours of searching online. The only solution I see is to get a bios configured with the integrated graphics of the cpu activated. Please .. I can not buy a new graphics because I live in the Canary Islands and not sent here. I want to at least have a laptop but can not play with it. Please, help me.
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