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  1. This might be usefully for the new 14 owners, or rather to say something to watch out for. Had to take the 14 apart, the screen felt a little loose on the right side and it turned out one of the hinges came loose from the base. Nothing really serious and tightening the screws was enough but keep an eye out for it. On the good side it feels even more solid.... and even with the loose hinge it didn't feel flimsy. The ones with the red circle were loose: My 14 is about a year old now, it's used on a daily basis and get's closed and opened quite often. Still it's kinda weird the screws already came loose, though it's nothing mayor.
  2. I flashed my old R2 from A07 to a modified A13 without problem, fixed the bloody 67 degrees thermal limit for the gpu though with a cooling pad the thing ran fin as well. But the GT650m can be highly overclocked. Though the old R2 is now more of a spare unit since I have bought a 14. It doesn't overwrite all of the rom, the servicetag and so on will still reside.
  3. Just joined here as well, crazy dutch guy with a bit of love for small powerful laptops like the Alienware 14, Clevo w230, Msi ge40 and so on. A bit of a car nut a well but that's something for a different Forum .
  4. Ran on this issue a while ago (had no problem luckily running Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis, but that one could be run from scummvm), I used a dos emulator to run the old LSL games, similar to as described here: Playing old games from Sierra on Windows 7 64 bit - Police Quest and - Microsoft Community
  5. And yeah I agree though on replacing the board with a R2 although boards are quite expensive on places like Ebay.
  6. As said before (although I've edited the post ) with benchmarkt it looks great but BF3 ran a lot slower on the E-gpu (p4l on a HP probook with a ivy bridge quad core).
  7. Perhaps a bit late but even with a Egpu you won't get close to the real life performance of a GT650m, tried it with a GTX660 desktop gpu but it ran games a lot slower due to the limited bandwith of the pcie interface. Benchmarks like 3dmark11 show excellent results but bf3 ran like 40-50 fps at most with 786p.
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