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  1. Is there an unlocked bios for the 3GB 970m Alienware 17 2015? Or do I need to get with someone for a custom bios?
  2. ^ What he said. I've also noticed heavy throttling with anything above 900 core in games as well. Most heavily in Metro 2033.
  3. Could you attach a GPUZ log file when you run the benchmark? It's the best way of determining if anything went wrong.
  4. svl7 here is the gpu-z log file for the Dell 680m. Dell 680m 850-889 3dmark11.txt
  5. I'm starting to notice the throttling in games much more now. For example in Crysis 2, the card will throttle when I stand near some smoke or stand near barrels when the blow up....
  6. I've noticed my 680m throttling in the Metro 2033 benchmark and under certain intense situations playing Crysis 2.
  7. That is disappointing and depressing. You're the man for testing that for us widezu69!
  8. Hey guys, New to this forum. I'm pretty active on the NBR forums. I'm also trying to figure out if the MSI Vbios would work safely on the Dell 680m. I can't get my 680m not to fluctuate during high overclocks.
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