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  1. the Lenovo X Carbon Gen 2 - is a top choice for slim and light laptops ... it also comes with 10 point touch ...
  2. the Lenovo Carbon X Gen 2 is a very good choice for a slim laptop ... it even comes with 10 Point Touch
  3. you can try a Clevo NP8255S which is a 15" laptop with the latest Nvidia GFX ->>> GTX 880M card ... buy x2 of the 2TB Seagate Slim Plus USB 3.0 hard disks and get a hard drive caddy ... then you can add another additional 7mm WD Slim 1TB hard disk giving you a total of up to 5TB RAW hard disk space not to mention you have another additional x2 msata hard disk ports ...
  4. didnt someone mentioned that the alienware gaming laptops have serious GPU + CPU "throttling" issues ??? to keep their system from heating up ... the moment the temperatures reaches a certain core temp ... both the CPU + GPU throttles and under clocks ... causing serious performances issues ...
  5. your best bet is to firstly take a look with CPUZ to see the core temp fluctuations
  6. or you can find someone helpful enough in the forum who would like to help you flash the vbios for you ... simple as that ... ought to be someone who knows enough about it to not mess it up ...
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