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  1. The CD/DVD drive space is probably about the same size area if not larger than that of what a laptop graphics card needs.. What if? On a standard laptop with a spare mini pci-e and disc drive bay, a GPU bay was made instead and the GPU interfaced with the motherboard via mini pci-e.
  2. Alienware M14X R2 is a great laptop, I have had it for 2 years now. I have never been a fan of forums but here I am, this bios mod do I need to flash dell A13 before flashing modded A13, why would I have to do that? When you flash a bios doesn't it completely overwrite every file on it? so it wouldn't make a difference if I flashed it over A08 or A13 right?
  3. Could we disable HT on the CPU or lower CPU clock to allow more GPU overclocking?
  4. I haven't come across this problem before apart from in League of legends in Windows 8, I wonder if your fix would fix it. Why can't companies just write good code for all machines -.-
  5. Alienware, better build quality is worth it, if you want a quiet experience get sound canceling headphones. Don't cheap on a portable gaming system.
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