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  1. Prasad

    What's so great?

    You're joking, right? I played the entirety of Crysis 3 on my Alienware M17x R4 notebook. It was perfectly cooled by itself, yet I had with me my trusty Notepal U3 Cooler. Aside from the Ceph, nobody burst into flames
  2. Is the nvidia-gtx-870m-oc-edition-rev00.zip updated from before? I remember downloading the first 870M modded vBIOS upon release by @svl7. Is this a newer revision?
  3. dadealus, I followed all your instructions. Now that I'm in Windows 8, and having installed all drivers including Intel and AMD display drivers, I'm now unable to switch OFF Enduro. Pressing Fn+F7 changes nothing and just reboots the laptop with both cards once again. Any advice?
  4. Very informative... Will give this a shot! Thank you. Also, is the official Windows 8 Pro upgrade disc NOT UEFI formatted?? EDIT: Also, after using Windows 8 Fast Boot, would I be able to dual boot with Linux ?
  5. I have a similar issue. I noticed the official Windows 8 upgrade disc contains an 'efi' folder, but not bootable with UEFI, only Legacy. The Windows 7 disc provided with my laptops boots both ways, and so does Ubuntu. I'm on the A09 BIOS as well. The only way I can see installing Windows 8 in UEFI now is on top of Windows 7, but I REALLY don't wanna perform an upgrade over a clean install... Any pointers, anyone?
  6. Correct, most probably. Also, Dell doesn't seem to make any release notes available on their BIOS updates.
  7. I can see that, Mr. Obvious. What I wanna know from Dell is WHY. It makes sense if it's enabled by default and just not shown anymore though.
  8. I doubt it's actually any hardware at all. At best, it would be software emulating hardware.
  9. Thank you svl7! Phenomenal work, as always! EDIT: svl7, I flashed the A09 BIOS over the A08 BIOS, and lost the "Windows 8 Fast Boot" option. Should I try a reflash? Maybe the option just isn't there anymore!? :/
  10. Prasad

    What's so great?

    This question has been asked several times, on NBR as well. Besides the higher-end top-of-the-shelf grade hardware, the prime reason why I opted for this device was good local warranty (in India) through Dell unlike competing brands like Sager and MSI.
  11. I had similar problems on my M17x R4 whereby the brightness wouldn't reduce either by hardware button controls or software, no matter what I tried. A simple BIOS reflash got it working for me!
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