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  1. Hi svl7, for your info, I tried with a 680m with bios 4.0.33 and It does not work, Regards and thanks for your great job
  2. Yes, I cut the pipes out of the heatsink with a dremel and then glue them to the ones in the original heatpipe using artic silver epoxy, that way the heat gets out of the cpu faster and the heatsink is more efficient.
  3. Hi, you can get one here: Dell Alienware M17xR3 Laptop Replacement Parts | Parts-People.com I have glued the heatpipes of two of them with thermal epoxy and my temps never reach over 90 with a 2960xm overclocked and obteining 7.77 in cinebench 11.5 and 26000 plus in cinebench 10 Good luck
  4. Hi jvl7, perhaps the easiest way will be modifying somehow the drivers, because at the the end it is about the stereo service, that does not load if it does not found certain bios and vbios combination. (just an idea)
  5. I guess it must be quite challenging, because nvidia has invested in assuring "exclusivity" to some manufacturers; you can see that there is no clevo, msi, etc with a 680m capable of 3dvision in the laptop screen (as far as I know). Sure it is linked to the video card vbios and system bios, so perhaps the only way is to "fake" the 680m or 675m bios so the system bios sees a 580m.... As you will remembered dell introduced the 580m 3dvision support in a late bios (I do not remembered if it was 05, but I am sure it was not present in bios A04 (I have to change my motherboard, and it came with that bios), and the 3dvision tab did not appear till I flashed to A8 unlocked. Hope this info is usefull,
  6. Hi svl7, just in case, the hardware ID for the 675m is : NVIDIA_DEV.1212.0490.1028
  7. I have tried with the modified bios: 1- The 580m works in 3D with this bios 2- The 675m does not work in 3D Sorry, I really hoped it worked
  8. Hi svl7, I am willing to try it in my M17xR3 3D; right now I have the 580m, which I can flash to 675m, which is known not to work due to the bios restriction; If your bios hack works with this one, I can try with a clevo 680m 4GB that I have in another system. Looking forward your answer.
  9. Brian, I am happy you found the info useful, another tip; if you want the hdmi-in to work, you have to mod dells R4 drivers.
  10. Svl7, not only Gpuz reads Dell, but it is in the information it passes to the sistem id; when I edited the drivers for making it work, I had to change 1558 (clevo) to Dell (1028), very strange indeed ...
  11. Hi svl7, this is the (I think) Clevo 4GB 680m vBios, that says its vendor is dell (1028) when installed in an Alienware m17xR3 680m CLEVO 4GB-vendor 1028.zip
  12. Hi svl7, when I bought the card through ebay, I did not tell them my system was a Dell (Alienware), the dell drivers did not work, and I have to use some drivers from laptopvideo2go and have to mod the inf with the card system ID card...., but probably you are right about the dell bios flash, because I do not think that the vbios is "adaptative" and changes when it recognizes a dell, clevo or msi... Have you heard about the "Siltius" vbios mod, that has been used by "Meaker" to break 8.000 in 3dmark11? Best Regards and thank you.
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