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  1. MSI GX70 Destroyer 229 AMD 5750m processor AMD R9 M290x 2gb 17.3" FHD, 1920x1080 12 GB RAM 1TB Harddrive Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
  2. In Bruges About two assassins sent to the town of Bruge. They assume that they are there to do a job, however their boss tells one of them to kill the other. The plot sounds pretty boring, but it's actually pretty good. The movie isn't made by an American company so it's "different." Lol
  3. MSI tends have some of the best bang for your buck laptops. There $1200-$1500 laptops usually come with pretty high end GPU's.
  4. Nice. Alienware computers are always a great computers especially if you can't decide on what notebook to get. Alienware always amazing stuff compared to the Msi Gx70......
  5. Well that definitely beats my desktop lol.
  6. Well hello there. People call me Nick and I'm currently using an MSI Gx70 Destroyer. Not much of a computer wiz, but I know a thing or two. However, I'm definitely a gamer nerd. Haha
  7. The processor (5750m) is just horrible overall. I wish you could overclock this computer. You can't really run more than one program at a time if you things to run smooth.
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