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  1. I dunno Fox, I've been running my P150SM-a with the 870M 6gb, playing Watch_Dogs on ultra settings, and while I haven't logged more than 2hrs continuous playing, the temps never got to 90 degrees.. those fans are noisy for a reason I guess!
  2. 880M SLI *drools* I couldn't afford that upgrade on my new rig but the 870M has been performing well so far in Watch Dogs.. Will wait til the new maxwells are released and think about maxing out my little machine.. Congrats on your new machine it's a beast!
  3. Recently purchased the Clevo P150SM and although it wasn't explicitly implied in the specs, I had assumed all these shells came with the fingerprint reader as standard. Now it may be nit-picking because I PROBABLY wouldn't even use it regularly, but can anyone enlighten me if this is/isn't meant to be a standard feature? Thanks!
  4. Probably wouldn't upgrade 870 to 880 unless you have managed to find a great deal on the the 880 card - wait a few months ( hopefully only a few months) and look into upgrading to the high end Maxwells if you're simply after performance boost.. and money isn't an object
  5. As has been outlined several times, it is a personal preference thing. If the laptop is always indoors and in favourable lighting, gloss may provide that extra bit of saturation for games.. however I prefer a high gamut matte that allows a bit of flexibility in viewing angles and such, and I prefer not to see every bit of dust and finger mark! I swear you can just look at a gloss screen and it smudges..
  6. After years of putting up with pre-packaged machines have finally put the nail in the Dell coffin, and configured a P150SM-A so I can get back into gaming and dabbling in the dark arts of OCing..
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