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  1. Hi guys I've had great luck with some help from your clever minds in the past, and i hope someone here has a good idea for this issue aswell. If not, thanks for stopping by I work at a PC Repair shop, and I'm helping yet another customer with a GFX upgrade, but I'm encountering some issues. While we are waiting for the GTX 980 in the mail, that we want to install, I am installing a GTX 770M in the customers PC while waiting for the other one. Here's where I'm stumped. So. GTX 770M is a native card in these models and it installs driver fine and runs well. However, when the computer gets on standby or goes to low power mode (with the screen off), it crashes without BSOD, just shuts off. I can see in the event viewer that the computer has crashed with a Code 41 - Kernel Power Error. I did get a BSOD once, and debugging it in Windbg pointed to iaStorAV.sys (the Intel Rapid Storage drivers). I've tried several versions of IRST, installing in AHCI mode, removing the SSD mSATA cache drive and so many other things. I dont know what to go for now. Should i try a VBIOS update on the card? It works flawlessly when stresstesting and harddrives have no errors either. I really hope someone have a great idea or if i should just declare the SATA controller on the motherboard defective? It must be some low-power S3 standby or whatever thats causing it. (I'm not a total genius as you can read, but i have picked up a lot of things in my time :D) Thanks once again *Forgot to add, the previously assembled GFX was a GTX 780M, that completely burned out Regards Marc
  2. Thanks a lot! I'm almost certain this could solve the issue. Could you perhaps help me figure what hardware ID I'm supposed to look for in the driver .inf, in order to change it? The GTX670M that was in previously, does not function anymore, so it's possible to assemble it in the unit anymore. Thanks in advance
  3. I tried. However it says there's no compatible device. Any ideas?
  4. Hi. I made the mistake of (maybe) buying the wrong video card for my GT 70. I bought a GTX 680M with 2GB instead of the one with 4GB. In device manager it says: "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)" Is it possible to get it working with this unit? Or am i out of luck? Regards. Marc
  5. I'm using Noctuas cooling paste. Mostly because i got it with my thermal module, but it does seem to do a great job aswell
  6. Does sound like some driver issues. I think a good start would be a reformat / or partitioning your drive a bit and reinstall Windows there. If the issue persists, then you've (almost) excluded software issue
  7. Just wondering: How necessary is the modded bios for M17XR4? I just plugged in a new GTX 780M, and it seems to run just fine. Recognized by Windows & all other programs (such as Furmark, HWInfo64 etc.) It's just because I'm doing this for a customer, and BIOS updating always come with a risk :/
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