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  1. Klem helped me THANK YOU you need SPI programer (EZP2010) in my case, externa 3,3V power supply to make bios dump, then send it to Klem with lil beer donate, and he will make magic. After that, program it via SPI back enjoy
  2. i have managed after several restarts to make it work, you have pm yes, win 10
  3. i have tried, but, it failed. I have disabled win defender via script, i have tried legacy mode in bios, secure boot disabled, bios flashback enabled, i have tried advanced startup with driver signature disabled and still fail
  4. Hello, can someone help me to unlock advanced bios menu on yoga 2 13 notebook? i5, 4gb ram insydeH20 Rev 3.7 Bios Version 96CN31WW(V1.17) EC Version 96EC31WW(V1.17) how to make bios dump on this machine? im willing to donate for coffee or two Thanks
  5. at last i have made it. This is my bios backup, using AMI Aptio V https://www.dropbox.com/s/fgsaivot9gobqts/afuwin.rom?dl=0 dell 7559 i7, 960m,fhd *update i am still looking for vbios mod and advanced (cpu oc,thermal,mem etc) tabs in bios i managed to dump fptw64https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7sunvcga3al0x5/biosbackup.rom?dl=0 bios: and i have tried to unlock it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nw5imvlk2d3trbc/fptwUnlocked.rom?dl=0 i have flashed it with Afuwingui v 3.05.04 > cmd admin: Afuwinx64.exe fptwUnlocked.rom /GAN it says all 100% ok flashed, i manually restarted after everything done, and when i to in bios, nothing i cant figure vbios extracting, > cant find correct line in mmtool In one forum i have found, with same laptop who managed to extract vbios, he dont write how , he send it to someone in this forum and he unlocked, it, unfortunately, he bricked his laptop because of ,,boot guard,, and he flashed it with hardware programer and it worked for him please help, im willing to donate some $$
  6. Hi, i hope this thread is still active i would like to have unlocked system bios for my Dell 7559, and posible unlocked bios for onboard 960m 4gb. I have trouble making Dumps, i have tried ftpw64 and i get error cannot be run on current platform error 201 - same in DOS mode (legaci, tpm off, secure B off). Win 10 1607, 64bit . I have invested lot of money to this little beast, ram, wifi, twin ssd, LCD i can link from dropbox only exe file with bios from dell, dont know how to extract only bios from it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wby9tebmdtklo2k/Inspiron_7559_1.1.8.exe?dl=0 Can you please help me ? dont worry, i will tip you for your work update* managet to extract 12mb .rom file from dell bios updater exe https://www.dropbox.com/s/vufroeojb6bairj/inspiron_7559_1.1.8.rom?dl=0
  7. i will try it, RMA, is send it to lenovo for waranty, basicaly
  8. owkay, 97 C with furmark , i stopped it when it reach this insame temp. and 92 in occt, in background world of tanks, in some games i think i experiencing throttling, game start beiing laggy, one second OK and then one second lagging, friend of mine with same laptop experienced same should i RMA it ?
  9. hmm, im going to do some test like furmark, linx occt cpu+gpu test, and see what temps i have
  10. More i read about this laptop i feel more disapointment from lenovo. whitlist in bios, crappy cooling, when i play 97C , yes stock, no mods 25C enviroment temp. if i repaste it i will lost waranty..... damn lenovo
  11. More i read about this laptop i feel more disapointment from lenovo. whitlist in bios, crappy cooling, when i play 97C , yes stock, no mods 25C enviroment temp. if i repaste it i will lost waranty..... damn lenovo
  12. i dont think its a windows problem, i have win8,1 on my secondt laptom toshiba and i have superior range to other laptops, like new HP, lenovo,. My y510p have 3/4 of range, but its not that bad, but ... wifi killer 1202 waiting on desk
  13. i dont like intels wifi too, too mutch problems with them, i have bought killer 1202 for my lenovo, on ebay for +- 35eur, it came fast, and i must mod bios to get it work, in friend acer work like charm. We tested and compared to the some wifi my friend changed to his acer from destroyed toshiba quosmio he tried many wifi cards..., killer was better. Mutch better,
  14. Gaming Rig : Fx 8350 @ 4,7Ghz 1,475V 2x4GB Mushkin REDLINE 2133MHz CL9 Asus Crosshair V Sapphire R9 280X 120 GB SSD - system 2x 750GB Raid 0 - games 1TB WD Green - starage CPU watercooled EK cpu block, Liang DDC pump, Bitfenix exp, 2x120mm radiator all in Corsair Carbide R300 windowed NB Y510P Intel core i5 4200M - searching for cheap i7 2x 4GB ram - also searching for cheap 1600Mhz CL9 Nvidia GeForce 755M Win 8.1 64bit, 1TB SSHD , and want o buy M.2 SSD for system and replace shitty centrio WiFi with Killer 1202 WiFi NB2 Toshiba Sattelite i7 26Xmq upgraded from i3 2x 4GB Corsair 1600MHz CL9 that dont work in lenovo :/ AMD 7610 1GB @600Mhz GPU 1000Mhz RAM 500GB toshiba disk
  15. lod horizon is awesome, also this year may come SAO 2, does anyone know date ?
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