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  1. Hi guys, Having some trouble with my eGPU setup. Some background info: GPU: GTX760 OS: Windows 7 64-bit RAM: 8GB PSU: Xbox PSU SYSTEM: HP Elitebook 2570p Windows recognizes my eGPU without any problems, I can see it in Device Manager and in the NVIDIA Control panel. But unfortunately when putting the eGPU to the test it fails. The first problem I encountered was when opening the NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Immediately after opening the program, the whole PC froze and I was unable to do anything besides pulling the plug and reboot. The second problem was when opening a game. When I opened Mount & Blade: Warband the game got to the loading screen and then the PC got a BSOD and rebooted. Second attempt, same result. Note: the intro of the game played just fine. The third problem was when opening another game, this time it was Kerbal Space Program. The first few seconds of loading went fine, then the PC started stuttering extremely. So extreme, I had to pull the plug again. The EC slot has been set to gen 2 speed in Setup 1.X and in Bios. SW2 is set to 2-3 because at 1-2 the eGPU is not recognized. It feels like when the eGPU needs to do some heavy graphical labor, it starts to crash/stutter. Anyone experienced this or has a solution?
  2. Cannot believe I didn't try that myself... But yeah, that worked. Thanks!
  3. Could you specify that? I think you mean System Configuration --> Boot Options, there check SS as primary boot device. The only problem is, I don't see my SSD or any SATA connection in this list, only CD-ROM, SD card, Floppy, USB (which doesn't work), etc. I have set Boot Mode to UEFI Native with OS Boot Manager as first one in the list. Please advice
  4. Tanks for your reply. Unfotunatly I still have to receive my HDD caddy so I can't test that yet. Also it seems that the laptop doesn't recognise any bootable USB's anymore. I have two laying around. One with W7 and another one with W8.1, both won't show up as bootable image, which is weird since I managed to update the BIOS from F.31 to F.45 using exactly the sam USB drive as the one where I had W8.1 on installed. So the laptop now also fails to boot from USB.... Yeah that is the one. After a few seconds it just says: "BootDevice Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk. Hard Disk - (3F0). The only option I have now is to press F2 to do some system diagnostics. After doing some changes to the BIOS settings this menu doesn't show up anymore. Now the error is shown in a BIOS surrounding (withth same white background). So recap: Laptop won't find any harddrive. Tried the original SSD, second SSD from desktop PC and a traditional HDD Laptop won't boot from USB, because the system doen't recognise it. Was able to update BIOS from USB. Can boot from DVD, but then the Windows installation freezes at showing the 4 dots/Windows logo withthe message 'starting Windows'. Does anyone have a clue?
  5. Hi guys, Ran into a pretty large problem today. I hope someone here can help me, since I feel my 2570p is bricked... This is what happened: Was trying to get my eGPU (GTX760) working on my 2570p via EC while running Windows 8.1 (Bad choise I guess). Hot plugged it, Windows recognised it and installed nVidia drivers, got Error 12. Did a DSDT override, but didn't had time to test the GTX760 since I wasn't home. Meanwhile I also got Setup 1.x for battery improvements and goofing around with the eGPU. After I installed Setup 1.x, I rebooted my computer. That's when the trouble started. Bios claimed that there was no OS on my SSD, so I was like WTF and did some random BIOS setting changes. After a few reboots, I got into the menu where I had to chose between W8.1 or Setup 1.x so I chose W8.1 and everything booted fine. Even after a reboot it was like nothing happened. When I got home I attached my GTX760 to the laptop while I was in Windows to see if it worked. The device was not recognised since I uninstalled the drivers to follow a guide on the eGPU. So I tried to install the drivers, but those failed. I decided to do a reboot while the eGPU was plugged in (worse decision ever). When the laptop booted I got a black screen, so I thougt the video output went via the eGPU so i disconnected the GTX760. After that there was still a black sreen so I did a reboot. After the reboot BIOS again said that there was no bootable OS installed on my SSD. Again, after a few random BIOS setting changes and a few reboot I again got to the menu where I had to choose between Windows 8.1 or Setup 1.x. Chose 1.x to see if I could do some changes to the eGPU settings. At this time the eGPU was disconnected, so I plugged it in while in Setup 1.x in the hope that Setup 1.x would recognise it, but unfortunatly it didn't. So I thougt a reboot would fix it... Rebooted with the eGPU plugged in and again a black screen... Unplugged eGPU and rebooted. Again BIOS said that there was no bootable image. This message still shows today . It feels like BIOS doesn't see my SSD anymore. I hooked the SSD up to another computer to format it and try a fresh install of Windows 7, but the installation CD freezes at the Windows logo. Tried 2 Dvd's, both froze. I have a feeling that my BIOS is bricked and needs a hard reset, but I haven't found a way to do. Does anyone of you have experience with this issue or do you know how to resolve this? Kind regards, Jevon PS Please help me, I am desperate!
  6. @jacobsson Yeah would be great, been looking for an aditional bottom cover to modify it! Could you contact me at [email protected] since I do not yet meet the 5 post requirement to send a personal message...
  7. Hi everybody, New proud owner of a 2570p here. Bought a model with i7-3520, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and a dock for €750. Initially I thought I made a bargain, but after reading here that some people bought a 2570p for less than €150... A never mind, still happy with my new Elitebook. Anyway, first step was to order a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, since all my devices work with HDMI and none of them with DP. After that I ordered a second power supply for the dock, a HDD caddy to place a 1TB HDD, and off course an PE4L adapter to connect my GTX760 to the 2570p. But first I managed to buy a new processor, it is a i7-3630QM for €75 which I thought was a pretty good deal compared to the price I paid for the laptop itself. I also read some things about cooling mods, so I decided I needed one of those as well. Ordered 5 25mmx25mmx1mm copper shims from eBay for a few bucks which will arrive in a few weeks . I still have a question about the cooling mod: do you add thermal paste between each layer, or just between the CPU and the copper shim? So is it CPU-->Thermal paste-->Copper shim-->Thermal paste-->Heat sink or CPU-->Thermal paste-->Copper shim-->Heat sink Love to hear from you guys. Cheers, Jevon
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