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  1. I second this. The only way to get optimus to work is to physically remove the ultrabay drive. I'm not sure if it's possible to disable the slot all together so that the computer doesn't recognize it. This might be the only other way to get it functioning without removing the card.
  2. I've seen that as well but I'm really wondering if that would be the absolute best card to purchase when there are so many out there. I have always hated Intel wifi cards due to the crap drivers that they seem to release frequently. Have you upgraded yet?
  3. Is anyone who recently upgraded to the AC intel cards happy with the upgrade? I'm sick and tired of slow speeds/disconnects with the stock card and am hoping to upgrade.
  4. I would recommend that you use a simple program called SharpKeys. You will have to sign out and sign back in (or restart) when you want to apply the key settings.
  5. ahopaho

    New y510p Owner

    How well is that KN1202 Wireless card working with the y510p? I am thinking about upgrading my card as well but have no clue which card to go with.
  6. I will be flashing my bios in a few days (once I get some free time) so that I can upgrade that terrible wireless card. However, I was also wondering if you are able to reflash the bios to stock.
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