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  1. @Prema I'm sorry to bother you again, but can you please explain why ring ratio multiplier on bios ( which is 44) is ignored and seams locked to 40x max? P770ZM-G V2 Bios. I would like to be able to change it within the bios. Only been able to change it using xtu. Thank you.
  2. Sorry to sound dumb but I just have secure boot enable and standard , not custom. Following that error I just did my usual ctrl alt del and the laptop booted normally. Have no idea why secure boot enabled causes me issues although I need more time to see if that extra delay the V2 vbios has helps or not.
  3. @Prema It seams my suspicion that my problem is related to secure boot is not far. Any ideas , please ? Thank you
  4. Already done that too lol but granted didn't re enable secure boot yet. I also suspected the xp941 initialization time but... Im trying to get wireless wol working and smart connect should fix that but windows will not boot. Any help on that matter?? I have all the settings and drivers and power options correct and confirmed that the WiFi link is maintained during suspend but it will not wake up...
  5. Perhaps I explained the wrong way. My intel me is working fine but when you enable intel smart connect , save and reboot, Windows will give you bsod and reboot. If you then enter bios intel me is Like you said, if you shutdown, intel me will reappear only to be lost again after another windows bsod. I sent you a message with a YouTube video showing all of this some time ago.
  6. I already done that twice. I have yet to see the boot problem happen with secure boot disabled. The Intel smart connect still makes windows bsod while booting thought. Haven't found a way around that yet.
  7. No. Wait for G-Sync versions.
  8. On Nvidia forums, they are asking for vbios dumps because allot of people are getting the black screen reboot problem. I'm assuming they are using vbios mods ??? The stock 980M-G vbios works with the new drivers but you do notice the performance hit when doing some benchmarks. ...
  9. Guys, I have this really annoying random problem since day one. I've only seen it happen on a simple windows reboot. Both 8.1 and 10. It never happened on power on, just normal windows reboot. I get this "Reboot and select proper boot device" and I only need to ctrl+alt+del and it will then reboot and boot just fine. My boot device is a samsung xp941 m.2 pcie ssd. I think I have tried all possible settings regarding boot to make this happen consistently but I cannot. It is completely random. This time I had the only exception. After my typical ctrl+alt+del the laptop shutdown and the power led started blinking. Pressed power and I went straight to bios setup because I've been trying to track what triggers that intel icc library failed to initialize. I know that if intel smart connect is enabled, windows will not boot giving acpi_bios_error and intel icc will give that message. This time though, intel smart connect was disabled. I never had any kind of bsod while in windows nor data loss, nothing, so I think I can rule out the pcie ssd. Any ideas ??? I have experienced this "Reboot and select proper boot device" with both stock and prema bios. EDIT: I manage to make it shutdown again , power led blinking , with ctrl+alt+del , I booted straight to bios but noticed intel me fw was and intel icc gave the library error. I presume it's linked ? I never paid attention if intel me was before . EDIT2: I made a video some days ago when I found that intel smart connect makes windows not boot and intel me fw is on it. I already upgraded to premas latest ME fw. Intel smart connect enabled still makes windows unbootable and after reboot intel ME is Thank you.
  10. That sucks lol. Thank you for the insight. Can I give your vbios fix a spin on my 980M - 8gb- G-sync ? @all - If your bios has the option to turn on "intel smart connect technology ", does it make windows throw "acpi_bios_error" while booting?? Also, after you enable it and reboot, does "intel icc" bios option give a module error ? (Using p770zm-g over here running prema mod) @Prema - I sent you a message with a video showing this. thank you !
  11. @Prema Out of curiosity, could you explain what the hell did nvidia do on the 361.xx drivers to break the "old" vbios on these 980M / 980M G-Sync ?? If you have time of course.. I almost forgot. My Screen model per hwinfo64 is the LP173WF4-SPD1 I don't see this model on your icm profiles list. I can create icm profile using dispcalgui + argyllcms and X-Rite Display 3 PRO. Any need for it ??
  12. Prema, could you add wake-on lan capabilities for the P77xZM-G v2 bios ? Thank you
  13. Thanks for the P77xZM-G version. It is working fine. Nice work Really appreciate it but can I be bold and make a request ? Can you add wake on lan capability to it? Thank you again.
  14. Hello!!! Any Prema love for the clevo P770ZM-G version ?? Thank you
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