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  1. 9 hours ago, goto35 said:

    guys can i use a da-2 with a gtx980ti??


    I can't recommend using anything more powerful than a GTX 970/1070. A reference GTX980 was running as well for one user, but I am not sure if that was stable. A GTX980Ti, especially non reference ones will consume much more power than the Dell DA-2 can provide.


    And don't be fooled by the 220W output of the DA-2. The PSU can't provide that load for a long time. Also the TDP of GPUs is never a guarantee of how much they actually use.

  2. AKiTiO just released some informations on their TB3 hardware and they said:


    Yes, we can only confirm that the Node is compatible with the Thunderbolt 3 Intel NUC and the Razer laptops. Several other PCs using Windows 10 appear to be compatible upon initial testing but the Node is NOT compatible with the Mac.This also applies to a Mac running Boot Camp and to older Thunderbolt 2 computers. Having said all that, we are aware how dedicated the eGPU community is and who knows, as this statement is published, someone might already have found a way to make it work anyway.


    source: https://www.akitio.com/blog/articles/akitio-thunderbolt3-devices-macbook-pro

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  3. 4 hours ago, narin said:

    Hey all,


    Thanks for all the great info.  I saw that some of the adapters on eBay linked in this thread are no longer available.  Would this one do the trick? 




    Seems good! But it has just 1x6-pin, if that is enough.

    That shop is funny, making a confidential sticker on the pinout so nobody could guess how to wire it. But 10sec google will bring you to page 1 here ;)

  4. @ti_padawan

    Do not use Molex or SATA pins from the PSU. Your approach to use the 6-pin PCIe was good. It doesn't really matter what the pinout on the PSU itself is, as long as you use the original cable to get a male 6-pin at some end and can rely on that standardized pinout.

    Why does your drawing have Molex coming out of the 6-pin?


    Did you apply the paperclip trick to power on the PSU? Do NOT power on the PSU without any consumer. At least have a fan connected.


    Why did you connect a 6-pin to SATA? on the PSU side? That might have been the problem... SATA pinout is not ground and 12V.

  5. 55vs68 FPS seems ok to me.

    You run the setup with Thunderbolt, you have a CPU that will sweat a lot (BF1 is very CPU intense) and you have a high resolution.

    A 1070 will give you better FPS, but I am not sure if it is worth it.


    You should definetly try and help the CPU a bit.

    Also DX12 could help with your CPU limiting.


    Can you use a monitoring software? Maybe the GPU is not under 100% load?

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