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  1. Where do the 6-Pin PCIe wires go to? Do they end up in the barrel plug?
  2. Switched to a PC Just for performance reasons. Nothing wrong with the eGPU.
  3. Only if you can manage to disable the 650m and make the Intel GPU work. Not sure if anyone has achieved that. Try and find builds with a 650/750m and maybe one of them wrote it as a guide.
  4. That looks great! How does the warm air exhaust?
  5. You can only use a 6-Pin PCIe to directly connect to the DA-2. A 8-Pin needs some changes or otherwise one the ground Pins will have a direct connecting to 12V.
  6. No problem! source: http://www.kitguru.net/components/power-supplies/ironlaw/how-computer-power-supplies-work-kitguru-guide/7/
  7. Yes! Will work for sure. With a bigger case you can also mount both cards.
  8. Careful with the bend PCIe plug, better isolate them a bit more.
  9. You call that small? ^^
  10. Seems like the mainboard in your MacBook is not supported
  11. Ok, but there are some reviews/test already only http://barefeats.com/razer_core.html
  12. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=razer+core&page=&utm_source=opensearch
  13. 6/8-Pin can only be used as an indicator. Mostly the cards are limited in their BIOS to use much less power, than it would be possible with the 6/8-Pin plugs. Also, the card can draw 75W through the PCIe slot!
  14. I really wouldn't consider USB as an option. Better wait for TB3 MacBooks.
  15. That is normal for MacBooks. Try to lift your MacBook a bit and give it some "breathing air" from underneath. Already lifting it 1cm from the desk will help. Lifting the back more than the front will help warm air to rise on the bottom to the back.
  16. @eGPUfan unfortunately that is normal. Especially GTA V has a high CPU load. Options: - fans at 100% - limit CPUs clock speed to sth like 3GHz - lower CPUs voltage by -50mV Try Intel XTU tool.
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