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  1. You can just run the code (inside that .bat file) using CMD with administrator privileges
  2. Yes, @techmaster is right. The i7-4910MQ has the same max TDP as the i7-4700MQ (47W). However, it does not means that they will always produce the same amount of heat (still, a nice option IMO). In the other hand, the i7-4930MX has a max TDP of 57W. Therefore, it might not be a good option to use this last one, since the laptop cooling system could not be able to handle this thermal power properly.
  3. Thank you svl7, you are the best! (sorry about the last silly question) Appears that the the ACPI/DMAR table is finally fixed in this 3.05 BIOS version! (here, the Linux kernel is not complaining about a buggy ACPI BIOS implementation anymore, at least) When I get a new processor I will run some tests with the PCI passthrough feature. If there is a hardware video output switch on the NVIDIA graphics cards for external monitors (anyone? I do not have an extra monitor to test.. =/), it might be possible even to pass the control of the card to the VM, also need some tests (unfortunately, VGA passthrough has so many requirements...). Not only, it appears that an updated patch of the vfio-vga (kvm) is needed to work with non-GTX NVIDIA cards (if you guys have the resources and want to try). Also, do you guys think that it is possible to mix and match different gt7XXm cards now? I kind of know that it was not possible with the earlier BIOS 1.XX and 2.XX (lack of BIOS support? Blacklist?). I've checked my mobo here (software/dmidecode, not electronic/hardware) and my laptop (which has a built in gt750m) has the same mobo model as the gt755m ones, but still not sure if BIOS or hardware will allow.
  4. Woa, that is really expensive! I've got mine for 139.99 USD (plus 5% taxes and about 5 USD for shipping to Canada). Maybe you can import from Germany (I think it was much cheaper than this price), but I don't know how taxes work in EU. As far as I know MyDigitalSSD also announced a 256GB 42mm M.2 drive a while ago: http://mydigitalssd.com/pdf/MyDigitalSSD-256GB-Super-Boot-Drive-M2-NGFF-Press-Release.pdf But appears that it is not available yet, and the Transcend is the only 256GB 42mm M.2 SSD that I could find (did a LOT of research on internet..).
  5. Hi, it is Just me, or the file "v305Mod.bin" is missing in the zip file now? I could find the EC file "EC305.bin", but I couldn't find the 3.05 modded bios file (also, the link at (2) appears to be broken). I've checked every zip file. Thank you!
  6. Not according to Intel's website: ARK | Intel® Core Not sure about the BIOS option. I saw that svl7's BIOS has the option, but I almost sure that you can't just toggle and enable it, since it is a quite fancy feature of the processor. Also, note that despite VT-x and VT-d are related with virtualization, they are completely different in practice.
  7. isaito

    decent ssd?

    Hi iDesign, sorry for being a bit late, quite busy at work. About the performance there is not much difference in practice, I did not notice any difference on booting time. I've made a speed test with the my current TS256GMTS400 ssd, and here is the result: Also, MyDigitalSSD has its performance test here, for their SC2 ssd: MyDigitalSSD 128GB Super Cache 2 mSATA SATA III 6G SSD | FNet HybriDisk Software | My Digital Discount You can see that I've used the same software that was used on SC2, but results can vary a bit. Here is a list of some differences that can affect the test: - Software version (3.0.3 vs 3.0.2); - Different laptop/hardware (Y510p vs X220); - Windows 8.1 vs Windows 8; - I did run the test on a "live" ntfs partition and they used a single partition (unknown FS, or a clean unformatted disk); So I think that you can draw your own conclusions from here. About the price, when bought my TS256GMTS400 was 139.99 USD on Amazon at the time (great deal for the largest 42mm M.2 ssd on the market). The SC2 is really a great SSD and again I've just decided to go with Transcend because I had to return my SC2 two times, and also I had other firmware issues with it.
  8. For the processor I would suggest you to wait some time, because it is really crazy how the prices drop from one generation o another. For example, the 3rd gen Intel i7-3920XM was also around 1000 USD on the year that it was released, and now (we are on 4th gen) you can find it for about 300 USD on eBay. Also, the 4700MQ is a really decent processor, the clock changes to 4800 and 4900 are not THAT significant IMO. I am only disappointed to 4700 because of the lack of Intel VT-d feature on it..
  9. Unfortunately this crucial SSD does not work on Y510p because it is mSATA, and the Y510p only has the relatively new M.2 (or NGFF) connector. Also, beside the mydigitalssd and ZTC M.2 SSDs, there is the newly released Transcend MTS400 series which is great because has a 256GB option. Here is the Amazon link.
  10. isaito

    decent ssd?

    If you would like to save the ultrabay or the 2.5'' hard disk slots you can always try a 42mm M.2 ssd. Currently I am using the "Transcend TS256GMTS400" (with 256GB), which is big enough for a triple boot and using the 1TB hdd as backup/shared files. http://www.amazon.com/Transcend-MTS400-Solid-State-TS256GMTS400/dp/B00KLTPUG4 The "MyDigitalSSD Super Cache 2" is pretty famous too among Y510p users, but I had issues with it so I decided to give a try to the transcend one. http://www.amazon.com/MyDigitalSSD-Super-Cache-Solid-State/dp/B00EZ2E8NO/ref=pd_cp_pc_0
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