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  1. ...I couldn't vouch for Astro's A50s exactly, it appears they force you to buy the mixamp and that'll go way over your budget. Unlike the A40 (wired), which you could buy alone if you wanted. All I can say about Astro is I have a headset that I bought in 2010, still works great, the most comfortable thing I've ever put on my head, and their customer service was top-notch (had an issue with my mixamp and had a back and forth email with a repair guy). My mixamp did seem to crap out in the microphone function somewhere though. I definitely wouldn't spend under $100 on a headset though, in the past I'd be replacing a headset every year, getting over 4 years out of my Astros was <333
  2. I could vouch for the Ducky Shine 3, or any mechanical keyboard really (does Filco have illuminated keyboards? Not that I see). Definitely opt for a mechanical if you've never had the satisfaction of using one, finding one like the Ducky that's illuminated is even better! Though, they do seem quite rare, I don't mind either way.
  3. Maybe an error that could be flushed out with a power discharge...? Sincerely doubt it, but in your situation it sounds like you want to try whatever you can. Try it: Remove your battery and disconnect the AC adapter so you have no power to the laptop. Hold the power button down for a good 15 - 30 seconds. Try turning it on at first with just the AC adapter plugged in, minus the battery. If it worked for a bit at first THEN did this though, I'd think it's something else!
  4. I've been looking around for SSDs heating up, (mine reaches about 57c near that pipe) but the consensus seems to be with no moving parts it's no threat to the drive... Either we'll see about that or I'll find a better more accurate answers eventually! :v
  5. Picked the 16gb since it was on sale with Newegg, I suppose it might come in handy as I'll be playing around with virtualized OSes, I can't really see the harm in it... Although highly unlikely you'd ever utilize the full amount.
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