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  1. I'm a little confused - is there any reason the Alienware enclosure would not work instead of an Akitio? I've got an Akitio now, but would swap for the Alienware (pay the extra) if it worked the same. Rephrased: Would my MacBook Air be able to tell the difference between the Akitio and the Alienware?
  2. Thanks for posting this. I recently did a similar setup, but am not using an external case. I'm currently using the AC power from my Akitio, and powering my GPU with another power-brick. I've read about potential ground loops, and I've been having some crashes, so I'm thinking about switching to a small case like yours with an ATX power supply (powering via riser). Can you provide more detail on how you connected the Akitio boards to this case? You said you have them on some plastic. How was that done exactly? Thanks! Edit: Also - was curious if you were happy with that case, or if you would have chosen another one now that you're up and running?
  3. Hey, did you test your Gigabyte 750Ti any further? I'm using this version (Gigabyte GTX750 OC). It seems to be benchmarking fine (no crashes), but did crash once in CS:GO (black screen when using ultra high settings). I'm powered the same way you were, with the included Akitio AC adapter and a separate PSU for the 6-pin.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Are there any cards rated at 25W or below for the slot? I'd prefer to not use a riser if possible.
  5. Hey all. Hoping someone can help me out. I'm using Phobia External 90W Molex PSU and a molex to 6-pin adapter to power my GPU (Gigabyte 750 GTX OC, plugged into 6-pin). I power the Akitio through the AC power brick that came with it. When I give power to the Akitio power brick, the blue lights come on and my GPU fan starts spinning. When I give power to the Phobia power brick (for my GPU), I don't get any indication that anything else is happening (I'm not sure if I should since the fan is already spinning). When I boot into both Windows (8.1) and Mac (10.10) I don't see the new GPU anywhere. Not in device manager or anything. When I try to install drivers, it says the GPU can't be found. I don't know what the issue is. It seems like neither OS is recognizing the card, so my first guess is that I have a power issue, but I don't know how to tell if that's the case. Anyone have any suggestions? Hoping that @Tech Inferno Fan or @jacobsson can help! Edit: After reading the troubleshooting section and doing a reboot the GPU was recognized. Installed NVidia drivers and ran some benchmarks without any issue. I rebooted again then fired up CS:GO (put all settings on high) and right when I entered the game my computer crashed (external screen went black, laptop monitor froze). Anyone have any idea how to troubleshoot why? This seems similar to the "black screen of death" mentioned in the troubleshooting section... I should have more than enough power though, considering that I'm powering the Akitio with its power brick.
  6. I'm not clear on something. Is there any risk of ground loop if I do the following: Power akitio using included AC Power GPU using 6-pin from power brick (no riser) ? I thought I had read that this was a risk for ground loops, but I just read back through the thread and it looks like this is exactly how @entzoe did his setup.
  7. @Tech Inferno Fan is this something you have any idea about?
  8. Sorry to make a new thread for this, but I'm having a really hard time getting an answer. I want to power my Akitio via my power brick (in addition to powering my GPU). I know that I need a molex to barrel adapter - this is clearly mentioned/shown in threads - but I can't seem to find the correct one. Can someone link me to one I can buy? I can't find the right size.
  9. The Akitio chassis is small and can't fit anything more than a GFX card (a mini one at that).
  10. I'm planning on not using a riser since I want to keep my enclosure closed. I ordered a Gigabyte GTX 750 OC, which I think can be powered via 6-pin. I am receiving a 90W molex power supply which I'm planning on splitting to 6-pin (for the GPU) and barrel (for the Akitio). I'm worried that the molex to barrel adapter I got is the wrong barrel size though. Do you have a link to the correct one by chance? Also, does this setup seem like it should work?
  11. Thanks jacobsson. I'm going to try out the PS I have on the way and I'll order a DA/2 if I don't have enough power Can you link me to the correct molex-to-barrel plug adapter? I ordered one off eBay but I'm not sure it's the right one. - - - Updated - - - Thinking about this more - if I do the solution above, then I'd only be powering the card, right... what about powering the Akitio?
  12. Hell yeah I'll solder! Sounds fun! Is that a mickey mouse connection pictured above? Did you do this?
  13. Is there a thread anywhere on kext? I keep seeing it mentioned but haven't seen a thread or post dedicated to it. I'll be assembling my setup this week and want to be prepared. I have a 2013 MacBook Air.
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