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  1. i'll be sure to replace them then when you sanded posts, you used an electric sander? i think it would be quite a tank by hand no?
  2. p.s. my heatsink is flat, i lapped it very well, but, my gpu core plate is really far from from, i was pretty surprised by how much, but i've did a bit of a cowboy job to brace the copper heat plate as firmly as possible to get the best possible contact with ic diamond, and if not perfect it's still much better than before the lapping. I have been wondering if getting a heatsink from eurocom would be better? they seem mildly beefier, my stock one was not even sitting straight, it bent upwards giving poor contact with memory chips which i had to spend some time fixing. One last thing, do you think 1.5mm 11/mk fujipoly pads stacked on top of eachother for the MOSFETS would be an improvement over the stocks pads? they definitely were for the memory chips (but they were not stacked). I have to stack as i can't find thicker ones in uk
  3. because it was useless as it was, great for a laptop with a weak fan but my clevo's fans are more powerful, and it just made laptop hotter. What i realised is that these fans expel a hell of a lot of air but have really crappy suction. The innitial plan see when i made the additional vents was to suck air out so i could install heatsinks and not have the air stagnate in the case, but these fans just don't do much. So when i turned them around i noticed temps dropped fast and stayed dropped but i was losing a lot of air because it just doesn't line and it's too big and clumbsy. That's when i decided to take them apart, and now they are much smaller and fit between the gpu and gpu vents nicely. I think the key to this working is that i made extra vents where the underside of the laptop slants up, so the cold air blows over the gpu and heatsink and out the underside though the front. You can feel the air blowing through ever so slightly though the front (underneath). That's why i'm really hopeful that the mini heatsinks could work well with this, because the fan is forcing air into, and then out of the laptop. come payday i'll experiment and get back to you guys anyway. Right now i run stable at +75mv and temps are between 78-80
  4. ok, would be great if someone can point out which part is vrm, can get some better thermal pads their then. I only have good thermal pads on the memory right now which made a huge difference already thanks dude
  5. so it seems i can push my voltage higher with this, which leads me to wonder what it is that's overheating when i push up voltage because core temps were always under 85 degress but system would still fail if i upped voltage by more than .50mv. If someone can tell me what it might be i can check placement of my pads, it's not memory for sure.
  6. haven't tried yet, my main problem is that my card gets unstable above +50v increase, so right now i just want to get temps down, even tho 85degress is safe i really want to be under 80 like i am at stock if i can. Mod was easy, cut some grooves into the bottom plate to either such air out or blow air into (blowing worked better) and then i took apart the cooler and for now attached it with blue tac. Obviously if you have right tools and are more patient you can do much better job than me :) here's some pics -
  7. I took apart an opolar fan and used it to blow air onto my gpu in a pretty warm room, took temps down by about 6 degrees made a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGhz1so3bag
  8. So I went ahead and lapped the heatsink, there is a temp improvement but nothing special. I checked the 980m's gpu core to see if the metal was flat and it is far from it, it is almost a dome, visible being higher in the middle then the edges when i place a razor blade on it. I'm currently running card at 1.112v with core +222 and mem +165 and my temps are between 81-85 degrees on heaven benchmark when fan goes to the upper level. How are these temps? should i expect better? I've heard of lapping the actual gpu but this seems risky..... thanks
  9. Found the problem, turns out when i push things to far and drivers crash, they get corrupted, once o reinstall them I can go to higher voltages with no problems. I've got temps down a lot by opening up the vents on the bottom, and tightening one screw on the gpu heatsink, do you think laping it would be worthwhile? and how do i go about it when it has those two feet under it? thanks
  10. At 1.087v) (with overclock) but it's a bit less now since repast. At stocks it's 74 on medium fan. If I go 1.2 then i get immediate shutdown, 1.1 and above I get driver crash even when I use my stable 1.087v clocks. I think I need to get better thermal pads, what do you think? If anyone could tell me exactly the size pads they are using and where they place each one, would be a huge help, for now I use stick but the pressure does not seem very strong like on my 670 which left an indent
  11. If I push my voltage above 1.087v my card (single 980m/p370em - stock heatsink) crashes withing about a minute, my temps are reading about 83 degrees max when fans are on full, could it be the memory gets too hot? or might this be the max my card can handle? Thanks
  12. I've just managed to get 344.77 to download and install after trying I don't know how many links But i'd still very much appreciate if anyone could give some advice on where I can get more recent drivers or even how to mod the INF from stock ones? thanks
  13. I've just put a 980m into my p370em, i have prema mod installed and have updated the vBios, now i'm trying to get drivers to install so I can see the card correctly in device manager but no luck so far. I've tried copying my hardware ID details into laptopvideo2go.com/drivers which will only find windows 8 drivers, and whenever I find a driver that will download the INF download link is broke or visa versa. I've attached a screenshot of my hardware ID if that help Thanks
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